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  1. M

    Week 3 yellowing droopy leaves DWC!

    Hi , this is my first time grow in dwc , I'm growing big bomb (bomb seeds) in 5 gallon bucket feeding compo biofoliar 10-4-7 ratio (this is the only liquid fertilizer I can find in this country ) light : 1000 w led full spectrum, ph 5.7 - 5.9 , ppm around 700 ( tape water 160 ppm + 540 ppm fert...
  2. W

    Ppm in water

    Not quite sure where to start with this one so ill ask here and hopefully get some response....so a test of my water in a digital meter says i have 170 ppm so 170 times 10 =1700 ......straight tap water....am i not using the meter right? I dipped it and swished it around for about 30...
  3. coralman

    Coco ppm and pH from seedling

    So i currently have 9 critical kush just germinated in root riot cubes under a 125w cfl, i have blocks of coco coir ready to be expanded so i can transplant when roots start showing and put under 1000w so my question is.... The water i am using to expand the blocks should i mix nutes in with...
  4. coralman

    Coco coir ppm & nutes

    just a couple of questions as im new to coco. when doing ppm do i include the original water readings to final ppm, so my water is 200ppm so do i count this or go from zero. hope that makes sense. also when do i need to start adding nutes, a lot of conflicting views on this. a lot say...
  5. C

    Sensi Skunk - 90 Watt LED Grow

    equipment: - seed: sensi skunk feminized (80% Indica) sensiseeds - 90 watt led (metered 60 watt, red-blue-orange = 35-5-5) ... 30cm lightdistance moving with the plant - homebox 160x80x80 - soil: canna bio terra plus - nutes: canna bio vega (npk-ratio 3,5 - 1 - 5,5), canna pk 13/14 (npk-ratio 0...
  6. H

    DWC pH and PPM dropping?

    I am running DWC and I am 30 days into veg now. The ph and ppm keeps dropping I know if your ppm drops and Ph goes up or stable you add more nutes but what do you do if ph and ppm drops. I am using GH nutes yesterday I gave 600ppm and ph was 5.9 - 6.0 this morning I checked and was 511ppm and...
  7. R

    Not growing to plan

    I have two strains in week 3-4 of flower , receiving same feeds 400-500 ppm 5.8-6ph , coco, good temps atm im having trouble with one , would anyone offer some ideas on what to change from symptoms in pic ? Curl / droop/ of smaller leaves mainly? I feel like ive underwatered but after...
  8. A

    Light and temp during flower

    The last few cycles I have been doing something a little more different than I usually do. I am running 3600 wt over three 4x8 tables. The big AC is set at 74F. Lights on 12/12. CO2 enhanced to 1500 ppm. This is the way I have been growing for decades. Really. The last couple of...
  9. K

    Yellow leaves

    My ppm leavel 227
  10. B

    So I have a bit of a mystery on my hands

    All right so I start my second grow about three weeks ago., White widow auto flower. Unlike my last girl, which was in aero garden, I've decided to go in completely and have build my own Fed DWC system using a 10 gallon Rubbermaid, Air pump and water pump. I keep the water reservoir...
  11. TheFertilizer

    Questions about PPM calculations

    So I made this spreadsheet to calculate the PPM range of various nutrients in a given solution/nutrient volume, I think it's pretty straight forward and I checked against the only working calculator I could find online (for the Lucas formula, seems outdated) and I think I got the math right, but...
  12. infiniteJuan

    Measuring Runoff TDS & pH?

    I'm curious if anyone measures their runoff TDS and PH? How should the output compare to the input?
  13. F

    Elemental ppm

    Happy Solstice every body! I was wondering if any of you have ever played around with trying to figure the elemental ppm within your nutrient solution. I have worked out a spreadsheet on my phone where you can enter the guaranteed analysis on the back of a nutrient bottle and input the recipe...
  14. D

    DNF Hydro organic

    Has anyone used DNF hydro organic nutes? If so what ppm for each stage?
  15. L

    Help - First grow - 3 week old plants rather unhealthy

    Hello everyone This is my first grow, I hope you can help as this is driving me mad. I can see some yellowing, the veins are still dark. It only started with the older leaves but can now see it on the new growth. I do not know if I should flush... What Strain is it? OG Kush auto Flower...
  16. D

    PPM nutes flower - Need tips

    I'm running dwc in five gallon (3.5g water) about 15 days flower. I'm following the nute chart with general hydroponic, simple, basic(possibly too much?)My ppm has been steady in between 1400-1800 I believe due to the fact it's taking in easily a gallon to a gallon and half of water a day. **...
  17. T

    Question regarding Pro-Mix HP

    Hi, Hope im not the only one experiencing this. I thought pro mix had no nuets added to it. I did a test few weeks ago with pure R.O water and ppm was at 007. Now i did the same test with promix and watered it with R.O water. The result was same as pure R.O 007. But when i did the test it was...
  18. D

    Three a light book

    Hi All just recently purchase this book . Anybody experience can tell me about it ? Main question is here no information about ppm when you are feeding your plants . I would appreciate any help in that direction
  19. P

    PPM and my water

    Today i found that my tap water is 500+ ppm. Is is ok to use bottled water with 191 ppm Ca 68,4 mg/l Mg 4,97 mg/l So 9,46 mg/l is sodium to much? And im useing general hydroponics micro hard water thanks in advance.
  20. M

    Auto DWC Grow advice needed

    hi all, plan on growing auto blue amnesia using dwc under 300w LED (platinum p300). ive spent long hours reading about what nutrients to use and still have'nt come to some sort of conclusion in regards to a feeding plan! Inventory:Formulex(basic veg nutes)Magne-cal+rhizotoniccannazymveg...
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