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  1. N

    In Hydro, PPM goes higher as water gets lower...why?

    Like the title says, in Hydro, why does the PPM go higher as the water gets lower? I understand that if you have a certain PPM of something in liquid, and the volume of liquid becomes less than when you first started, the PPM should be higher concentration. That is if nothing is using whatever...
  2. S

    Ramping up nutrients in flower?

    I had a question for the hydroponic group. When you are in flowering, should I be trying to level the ppm each day to the same level I was shooting for at each weekly H20 change out? In other words, if I mixed my 10 gallons to 1100 ppm on monday, as the week goes on and the ppm get lower...
  3. R

    Advanced Nutrients pH perfect - Don't pay attention to pH?

    Ok i am what i would concider to be an experienced grower in soil. I have recently made the move to an ebb and flow bucket system (oxy-pot). I have always used advanced nutrients sensi grow and bloom for the last 3 years. They have now come out with this "ph perfect" line, and when they did i...
  4. mangosnapper

    converting EC's to PPM's for mixing nutrients

    ~ There may have been post in the past discussing " how do you convert EC's to PPM's?"...I haven't seen it. so here is a quick and easy way to convert the numbers. ~ when following certain feeding guidelines given by growers or breeders they will suggest for an example : A. feed at 1.8 EC...
  5. D

    Ppm need help

    Please help. Using jungle juice 3 part. First week it says use 1.5 ounces of each. With a ppm around950 I did and then checked ppm. My tester said 1650+. I freaked out and diluted infill it was around 1000. What do I do. Running deepwater with ro water
  6. I

    6 in 1 ppm/temp/pH meter. Leave in res?

    Do you typically leave your probes in the res and monitor continuously or clean and store after testing? Just curious about longevity of the meter and best practice
  7. L

    Help! My PPM drops without adding fresh water

    I'm running a aero systems that I built with a 50 gal rez. Second week into flower my PPM starts out at 750 with AN 3 part and in two days the PPM drops to 600 ppm and 40 gal. Should I just add RO water or should I add nute water? I also use cal mag. Thanks
  8. flogger11

    Using GH Maxigrow/Maxibloom series, how much to use?

    I am using the GH Maxi solid nute series and am wondering just how much of it to use in my DWC system (18 gallon tote, 10 gallons of water). Should I follow the guidelines put out by GH (1 1/4 teaspoon per gallon which is apprx 900-1000 ppm) or am I ok to bump it up to the 1200-1400 range...
  9. flogger11

    TDS meter calibration questions, 500/700? EC1 EC2? Help!

    Hey guys, I am totally confused. I understand my TDS meter is testing the electrical conductivity of my water, but I just dont get how it all relates. I know there is a diff on how meter is built, 500 or 700, and that this affects the actual reading I get back from my meter. I am if I got a...
  10. D

    Help needed with different growing methods?

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to learn more about the different methods of growing. I'm more looking for what the EC/PPM levels and the watering regimes should be for them all? I've read around :reading420magazine: but can't find anyone that clearly explains them all. Any help for me? :idea:
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