pre 98 bubba

  1. K

    Bubba's Sis: ChemSis x Pre98 Bubba Kush

    Bubba's Sis at 16 days flowering
  2. J Obadiah

    1st Time Growing Clones: Questions

    Hello Everybody! Thanks for stopping by. I have a few projects going right now, one of them is my first ever clone grow. All the plants I've grown the last 3 years have been from seed, feminized or regular, but never clones. I decided to give them a shot. Luckily, I am blessed to have a...
  3. T

    Completed Tom5436 Indica Pre 98 Bubba Clone/ Sativa Cannalope Haze grow journal~ 2009

    Strain: Pre 98 Bubba:ganjamon: Indica, Indoor 7 days since purchased from PCC in Santa Barbara Current Stage: Veg Age in Stage: 7 days Soil: Fox Farm Pot Volume: about 4 cups Light: 150 watts Light Distance: 12" Light Times: 18-6 Fans: Two computer fans (until the batteries died after 6...
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