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    Problem if I'm getting hair-tested for pre-employment?

    Just recently got my urine test results and it was too diluted(but negative) for the conclusion to be valid so recently I received a call from my employers saying that they'll have to make me retake the drug test through my hair follicle next week on Thursday, Dec. 8th. I'm freaking out right...
  2. J

    My urine looked very diluted during my pre-employment drug test - Am I gonna fail?

    Just wondering, I've smoked one very light hit of marijuana over 3 weeks ago and yesterday, I was scheduled for pre-employment drug test. Just got the drug test done this morning(after drinking a lot of water and gatorade) and am now worried about if my employer will let the diluted urine...
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    Pre-employment drug test - Sterling Direct

    I have an upcoming pre-employment drug screen with SterlingBackcheck or SterlingDirect.com and I am looking for info on whether or not it will be a monitored drug screen. I haven't smoked in almost a week, I have a bottle of Mega Cleanse ready to go but I have also been reading up on subing my...
  4. L

    Help - PAML lab test - Pre-employment drug screen

    Hi, I just took a pre-employment drug test a couple days ago. I haven't smoked in 21 days. I was at a party, had a little too much to drink, and took like 3 hits out of a bowl. I do NOT smoke regularly. The last time I smoked before that was several months. I'm 5'4", about 115 lbs, and I'd...
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