1. Verbalist

    Brown stigma/pistils during pre-flowering

    What is she tryna tell me? Its been 10 days since I flipped them into 12/12. Theyre 36 days old now. shes still in pre-flowering stage and gently developing white pistils, no buds at all yet. But some of the white pistils or stigmas w.e u want to call them has turned into brown. I assume that...
  2. A

    MH to HPS changeover concerns...

    Autos, week 4-5 from seed, preflowers barely showing. Time to go HPS? Do HPS lamps run hotter than MH - If so how much higher should I raise them (MH now @ ~22') Any other thoughts/comments? :Namaste: edited and corrected
  3. G

    Identification of sex from pre flowers

    Hello everyone, This is my first grow so I am really not able to tell if my plant is female or male. I can see the pre-flowers are starting to show. Can someone help me identify the sex of my plant from the photo? Thanks
  4. LightHouse

    Light Green

    Hey there community! :) Take a look at my BubbleGum Auto Is it getting to pre-flower or it has deficiency of nutrients? Salad green center.
  5. E

    Pre-flower trim? - Assistance needed

    Hey all. Long time lerker, first time poster. Background info. All soil, fox farm ocean forest cut with light warrior (working my way to Subcool's super soil mix, its still cooking) Veg is in a sealed box 4ftx4ftx2ft under t5 HO with 4 AgroMax Pure PAR veg bulbs. 3rd run with t5, first...
  6. V

    What are these plant structures?

    Hi All, First time grower and I'm not too sure what I'm looking at here: These plants are nowhere near flowering, and this is the only plant of 6 that has these little ball-like clusters. What is it?
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