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  1. Gelato


    Preflower to flower
  2. 20200103_190221.jpg


    Male pre flowers 10 week old Bubble Gum
  3. P

    Noob here, can someone please help me identify sex?

    I can't seem to figure out what sex this is, would appreciate help from someone more experienced!
  4. S

    Male or lady - Help please

    Hi guys just a quick question i have a plant 3 months into veg and i just got a show of pre flowers but i am stumped as to the gender of this plant because all the pre flowers are not the same. this plant has been growing under a 400watt mh light and five 36watt cfl's and two 36watt t8's.
  5. G

    Help preflowers?

    Sup guys i just throw my plant into flower and I want to know if this is a Male or female please let me know!
  6. C

    Newbie needs help sexing

    Hello... so, yeah... despite the ridiculous amount of research I've done, I'm 35 days in and suffering from I guess a typical case of "omg wtf?!" ... so, wondering if anyone can help me tell the sex of these ladies (hopefully)... heh, I apologize for the noise in the photos... I'm actually a...
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