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  1. B

    Fan broke - Looking for replacement

    So my fan died towards the end of the grow, luckyily I had a larger desktop fan but I had to keep the closet door open for the last few weeks. Need this to say that's not something I necessarily want to make a habit of doing so I was wondering if anyone could recommend a reliable clip on desk...
  2. SewStoned

    Looking for 65m/95m/125micron screen in quantity

    Id like to make some nice kief / hash boxes but cant find a good source for the screens, preferably in Canada. Need 65, 95 and 125 micron. Anyone? **EDIT**. I dont need 6 inches, im looking for feet or rolls of the stuff!
  3. L

    Plasma lighting thread

    Looking for other people using Plasma Lighting. Preferably Gavita Lep.