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  1. S

    Ripped leaves and deformed growth - Auto

    New growth isn’t deformed but there are some rips on leaves but I can’t see bugs or pests even with a loupe microscope. Could it be from LST? Any advice New growth also seems wierd but can’t tell if it’s just preflower
  2. #1


    #1 looking good!
  3. Smoked Kiwi

    Confirming my worst nightmare: hermie?

    Hi everyone, So today’s day 13 of flower (12/12) 7 days in see first signs of female pre flowers then yesterday noticed these coming in See pistil to the right: Kinda bumming me out tbh, is there anything I can do to salvage it at this point? Only plant I’ve got at the moment so I’m not...
  4. Shiva Skunk

    Shiva Skunk

  5. CanadianBacon92

    Does anyone know what’s going on here?

    Is this an early sign of pre flower for feminized plants? pineapple chunk plant is starting to smell when I get close to it.
  6. Black Cali Grapes

    Black Cali Grapes

  7. Black Cali Grapes

    Black Cali Grapes

  8. Pre flower

    Pre flower

    Gorilla Glue
  9. Preflower Gorilla Glue

    Preflower Gorilla Glue

  10. Bubble Gum Female Pre_flowers

    Bubble Gum Female Pre_flowers

    Bubble Gum Female Pre_flowers
  11. Bubble Gum male pre_flowers

    Bubble Gum male pre_flowers

    Male Pre-flowers bubble gum.
  12. Bubble Gum male

    Bubble Gum male

    Bubble Gum Male Pre Flowers
  13. atf "femenized" male : dutch seed shop

    atf "femenized" male : dutch seed shop

    yeah... another batch of "femenized", from dutchy, with 60% males. no kiddin. wanna know what they did? nothin. common outcome for me, from them, in the END. U can see the disdain i treat hims with... I'm just going to use them, for the sex. atf is a personal fav, from when smoking still did it.
  14. 20190408_173249.jpg


    Possible Male
  15. J Obadiah

    Preflower? Need another eye

    I found what seems like little pre-flowers on my Purple Princess. I attached pics from different angles usimg a magnifying glass in front of my phone so I hope their clear enough. I think that, if they're indeed pre-flowers, the plant may be Male. :eek::nervous-guy: This plant is one of my most...
  16. J

    Weird Preflower

    I have one Feminized LA Confidential that is a bit different than any other plant I remember having. It is just beginning to preflower, but where I would expect pistils, it almost looks like male pollen sacks, and almost like it's growing more leaves, even though it is currently in 12/12. Has...
  17. M

    1st grow - Preflower question

    1st time grower. Images (if they work!!!) Are 2 diff plants. About 1 month into veg. Bag seeds. Obviously want to remove males as soon as identifiable. Any help appreciated! TIA
  18. C

    Preflower help

    Hi all, rookie grower who's never seen a male preflower. I've seen female with pistils and fully developed males but never male preflowers. Can I get a little help here? Is this a male preflower? I have 4 og' s that are 3 weeks into veg, the og reek'n has pistils, the og bag seed has...
  19. B

    Will a node ever have multiple calyces? Plant sexing

    I'm trying to determine whether my plant is a male or a female. I'm wondering whether a female plant will ever have more than one calyx preflower right next to each other, or whether that bunching indicates that it is a male plant, and that they are stamens and not calyxes. I've tried to...
  20. O

    Preflower question

    Hey 420 fam. Have a preflower question. I have done some reading and did a little video research. From what I've seen and read, it's kind of half an half. Some say you should wait till you see preflowers in veg, than flip it to the 12/12 cycle, and some seemails to flip to 12/12 before you...
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