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    Possible Male
  2. J Obadiah

    Preflower? Need another eye

    I found what seems like little pre-flowers on my Purple Princess. I attached pics from different angles usimg a magnifying glass in front of my phone so I hope their clear enough. I think that, if they're indeed pre-flowers, the plant may be Male. :eek::nervous-guy: This plant is one of my most...
  3. J

    Weird Preflower

    I have one Feminized LA Confidential that is a bit different than any other plant I remember having. It is just beginning to preflower, but where I would expect pistils, it almost looks like male pollen sacks, and almost like it's growing more leaves, even though it is currently in 12/12. Has...
  4. M

    1st grow - Preflower question

    1st time grower. Images (if they work!!!) Are 2 diff plants. About 1 month into veg. Bag seeds. Obviously want to remove males as soon as identifiable. Any help appreciated! TIA
  5. C

    Preflower help

    Hi all, rookie grower who's never seen a male preflower. I've seen female with pistils and fully developed males but never male preflowers. Can I get a little help here? Is this a male preflower? I have 4 og' s that are 3 weeks into veg, the og reek'n has pistils, the og bag seed has...
  6. B

    Will a node ever have multiple calyces? Plant sexing

    I'm trying to determine whether my plant is a male or a female. I'm wondering whether a female plant will ever have more than one calyx preflower right next to each other, or whether that bunching indicates that it is a male plant, and that they are stamens and not calyxes. I've tried to...
  7. O

    Preflower question

    Hey 420 fam. Have a preflower question. I have done some reading and did a little video research. From what I've seen and read, it's kind of half an half. Some say you should wait till you see preflowers in veg, than flip it to the 12/12 cycle, and some seemails to flip to 12/12 before you...
  8. 4

    Help determine the gender?

    are they regular stipsules or the sex of the plant? flowering week 2 first time grower so I'm not sure if I'm mistaken.
  9. 4

    Need help male or female?

    hi guyz, Here are some pics of stem nodes and branches nodes. can any body help me with the gender?
  10. S

    Presexing 23 days old

    My plants are booming but I seem to have some males.. I topped 2 of them at 21 days and they showed preflower pretty within a day or so.. Next day I topped the rest and now have 4 showing some sort of preflower coming.. Looks like I have at least two males. Plants are 24 days old today. Would...
  11. ShiggityFlip

    Forum wide callout for preflower pictures! - Please read first post for information

    So I wanted to start a very full gallery of preflower pics. A nice compendium of different preflowers. When I was hunting for females in my grow I couldn't find a big selection of differ the types. Usually there was just the obvious ones. So I am making a callout for very clear in focus...
  12. S

    First Grow, Possible Nute Deficiency, Can someone verify?

    Hello, I've been reading and trying to figure this out on my own, but I really can't tell here. This is my first time ever growing a cannabis plant. It's been about two months now since seed. I have it indoors mostly under some fluorescent bulbs, and I bring it outside when it's nice and...
  13. S

    Veg and flower time regarding preflowers?

    Hi all, I vegged my plants for 3 weeks, they were about 14 inches tall when I flipped them too 12/12. Am I right in thinking that a short veg would mean it takes a little longer too show preflowers when I flip them to 12/12. Or does it just depend on strain?. I'm growing in the dr60 and...
  14. D

    Early detemining of motherplant pre-flower

    Hey guys hope you can help me out here, I was wondering if there's any way of determining early on from seedling or in the vegetative stage the best genetics. Im really going to be limited in grow space and plan to scrog a single plant as opposed to flowering say four and taking clones from the...
  15. I

    Is it a girl?

    Hi everyone! I am one month into my first CFL bag-seed grow. Plant looks to be Incida dominant. I am seeing some new growth on the "armpits" of the 4th and 5th nodes (5th was topped). What do you think, female? or is this not a sign of preflowering? Thanks! :smokin2:
  16. C

    This is male, isn't it?

    Hey, I'm pretty sure this is male, just looking for an outside opinion before I chop him and start over. Thanks in advance!!
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