I am just wondering if this is a preflower and if it is, is it a male or female or is this just some other growth..... I have cuttings in water with a bag over them in 12/12 light... I am just wondering if my Photo plant will show signs of its sex during veg.... maybe someone can help lol...
  2. Bubble Gum Girl

    Bubble Gum Girl

    Bubble Gum Female pre_flowers
  3. Mayne

    PreFlowers In Veg

    Hey people, 90 day veg right now, and getting preflowers under 16/8. Does that mean i have to flip? I would rather not, because I just transplanted into 10gallonfabic pot today, in straight cocoloco. I also wanted to top again, because wasnt planning on Flipping for another 3-4 weeks...
  4. C

    Auto's preflowers

    Hi all, I've had preflowers on one of my lady's now for about 5 days when can I expect a change and for to kick of into flowering? Thanks
  5. Fullyspectrum

    Vegative plant - Possibly flowering?

    Hi guys I have a medium sized plant roughly 60cm. Last few weeks has started shooting out new growth stems and preflowers. My question does this look like preflowers or early flowering? Still in vegative lighting so not sure
  6. B

    First node preflowers?

    Has anyone ever heard of an Indica plant, any Indica plant, pre flowering at the first node, 12 days from seed? I think I have one. I'll take some pics and submit soon.
  7. C


    do all strains show preflowers in veg ?
  8. S


    As far as preflowers go.... is it the male or female that shows preflowers first? I have 6 plants that i have just started on the 12/12 cycle and 3 of them are starting to show signs of preflowers. The flowers are still not clear as to whether they are male or female as of yet. But the 3 that...
  9. Stinky Snid

    Please confirm male preflower

    This will be a quick thread, thanks for helping out. An excellent pic of preflowers. Anyone...Feel free to use this pic to reach/teach others.. :420:
  10. R

    week 6 veg, first sign of preflowers, how am I looking?

    I am seeing the first sign of preflowers I was hoping to let them veg till the end of this month then take some clones. Any advice? How do u think I'm coming along?
  11. E

    Male or Female preflowers?

    Hi guys i'm new to this forum. And English is not my first language so excuse me if i make some mistakes :2: I got 2 plants and i think one of them is a female and another male, but since it's my first time i want to make it sure. First plant suspected female And suspected male...
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