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    Is the plant ready to harvest?

    Help newbie to understand if this Critical Purple girl is mature and ready to harvest or it needs more time? Trichomes are cloudy/milky, some of them are clear yet, there is no amber ones. Some of the lower buds are small yet and the sugar leaves are kinda shiny. But most of the buds looks like...
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    First time grow - Premature flowering? Autoflower

    she is almost 5 weeks old and started shownig pre flowering sings i think a week ago and science friday it seems to have not grown in height from what i understand is should be growing fast when pre flowering starts does it look to you like premature flowering? should i be bummed...
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    What factors cause an "earth" smell?

    I'm about to be harvesting in 10-14 days and am growing Kosher Kush. The genes of this strain are top tier and the buds currently on the plant smell and look the same. Two weeks ago, so about 4 weeks premature, I cut down a branch for the hell of it to see how it would turn out it I tried to...