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  1. D

    Yet another - Is this hermie? - thread

    I've noticed this is a pretty common first post but it's my first grow and I'd decided to go with a more risky setup for a grow. I read up on some solo cup challenges so I decided to have a go at one for my first attempt at growing my own bud. Other than growing at quite a slow pace to...
  2. D

    Kali Orange 0.3 Gram In A J

    Had this for a few weeks now and it never fails to disappoint. The strong pungent fruity skunk smell is a treat whilst rolling up. The buds are dense and completely dominated by long thick orange hairs, even the crystals shimmer a little bronze. The dense buds fluff up mega when ground up. This...
  3. O

    Advanced Nutrients - What's worth it - What's just hype?

    Hi Everyone! started growing again this year after about 20 years off, been growing mainly auto's and have been pretty happy so far. Been growing in coco coir, using a mix of cali magic, the advanced nutrients base pack, plus sensizyme, and have been...
  4. B

    Problems drying & curing my bud

    Hello! I am having issues drying/curing my buds. I harvested tuesday 1/8, let them hang dry for pretty much 3 days 12hrs, they felt dry to the touch. I decided to only let them hang for 3 days 12hrs due to lower humudity + size of the plants. I rolled up a joint that day with the hang dried herb...
  5. G

    Blue Dream 2nd grow - How does it look?

    what do you guys think? not as frosty as my first run but I had some pretty serious heat stress this grow which is why I believe. oh well, I still think it looks pretty good.
  6. Drugg

    Hello - New to this forum and growing

    Name is Derek, i live just outside Boston, have been smoking for over 10 years. I like to play sports, snowboard, kick it, pretty typical stuff. I started growing 31 days ago precisely, and already hooked... o ya i almost forgot, my last name is Drugg
  7. H

    White Widow Feminized Indoor Grow 400W LED Grow Light 75% Soil 25% Cow Manure 1G Pot

    So this is my first grow so i might ask pretty stupid questions for most experienced growers but here is a look of my plants so far some leafs are curled up which maybe the reason was because the light being too close ? it is currently 24 inches above the plants other then this the plants seems...
  8. H

    Growing problems

    Hi i decided to give it a try and grow my own weed they are planted in pots with garden soil and cow manure mixed together with a 400W led grow light can this be caused by the light being to close from the plants ? sorry lol i do not know much about it
  9. Jackalope

    Hindu Harvest

    Finally! Day 95 finally got to harvest 2 of the 3 Hindu Kush plants. Long wait but I'm pretty sure it will be worth it. This strain is pretty gooey. plant 1 Close ups. This plant looks like it will produce more. Plant 1 and 2 were both topped before flowering. Got to give...
  10. K

    Crop Kings Haze Extreme review

    Hey all Just finished growing a Haze extreme. Its a reg seed and I only popped one and got a female so lucky me. I eventually potted up over 4 months (2 months veg) to a 5 gallon pot. I'd say it needed a 7 gallon for max yield as it was pretty root bound at the end. It was a super resilient...
  11. B

    Not sure which lights?

    Ok so currently im runnin 2 600 watt hps/mh looking to replace that with leds/cobs whichever.. anyway i have seen a few that seem to be pretty decent for being no name brands.. are the cobs that much better then reg leds? My room is a 3.5x8x7 was thinking 4 of the meizhi 900(200.00ea) or 1200...
  12. C

    Ground chia seeds as fertilizer

    Hi, I have a girl pretty far in bloom. First tryout grow. She seems to be deficient of P or Ca. Its gotten pretty severe and there are alot of browning leaves, so i read about how much P there is in chia, and Ca, and pretty much every other nutrient cannabis thrives off. No money, time or...
  13. S

    Flushing Questions

    Hey boys, hope ya'll are having a great day! I have a couple questions regarding flushing. I've been giving my plants nutrients from pretty much the time they were vegging to today. One of my girls is pretty much ready for the chop, but I'm debating about giving it a couple good flushes...
  14. Oldbear

    Greet and Meet

    Just found this forum and wanted to say hello. I imagine I'll be here regularly. I'm between Ottawa and Kingston Ontario. I have an expired Tilray card and am days away from a renewal. I'm going to try Tweed/Bedrocan this time. I can buy product from either. My needs are pretty basic and...
  15. S

    Hola Everybody

    I am a 39-year-old male, my hobbies are growing plants mostly reusable veggies and fruits outside, I have seizures, and I use weed to help and also lions mane mushrooms, I like to write and make music videos, Today I built my grow room out of Beneful Dog Food bags and birthday balloons made...
  16. S

    Male or female?

    1 month old bushy unknown....gender?...pretty sure it's strain is MK ULTRA....?
  17. S

    So I found a seed - 25 days later

    Mk Ultra I believe. I'm pretty sure it's a female...Watt do you think?
  18. TheFertilizer

    What do you do with your deformed/mutant plants?

    This plant is a little over a month old and it has never looked normal a day in its life, except when it was just a little seedling. I am wondering if it's really worth wasting the pot and tent space. I have another plant in a solo cup because I didn't have an extra pot nor space in the tent...
  19. HashGirl

    First Grow - Crop King Hash Plants

    My husband planted these back at the beginning of June and I think they're starting to look pretty good (and they smell pretty good, too):
  20. T

    Appears not all cannabis is the same

    It would appear from several post I have seen there are different effects to be expected from different strains. Where can I find information on what strains have what effects? In my day you just bought a bag and smoked it, some was better than others but it was all pretty much the same thing...