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  1. T

    Help! Hermie?

    Forgive me, we are newbies and are finding most of our information from google but I'm stumped ! We've noticed pods on our plants, they are cuttings from our previous crop that was fine. I'm unsure if they're hermies and if we should just pull? Thank you !!
  2. G

    Yellow leaves with burnt tips

    Hi, Pics below are taken today, Week 6 day 6 of flower (after the flip) This is my first WW and it behaves quite different from my previous grows, In end of week 4 some of the lower leaves started turning light green/yellow, I started upping the nutes (GHE Flora) to + 5,10 and then 15% but the...
  3. JGibs420

    We Should K.I.S.S - Second Grow

    K.I.S.S - Keep It Simple, Stupid! :welcome: (I'm the stupid one mentioned above) Hi and welcome, On my first grow I made many mistakes, one of which was starting a grow without planning and having equipment ready beforehand. Lighting being my biggest issue due to my location and absurdly...
  4. kushnoj27

    Death Bubba - Flood & Drain Journal 2x4 Setup

    Hey everybody! I actually started a previous grow journal but decided to start a new one as mid-way through the seedling/veg period I decided to take a different route with flood and drain instead of DWC. Also going from 2 plants to 20... lol If you would like to see the previous journal the...