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  1. Ron Strider

    PA: Berks County Marijuana Grower Racing The Clock To Meet State Deadline

    The clock is ticking on Kevin Murphy and his company, Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania. Murphy – who says he wants to run for governor of Connecticut and heads up one of the largest medical marijuana companies in the nation – expressed confidence that his company can beat the clock. To do...
  2. Ron Strider

    PA: Chase Lenfest-Backed Marijuana Facility 'Blindsided' It, Town Says

    A small community on the outskirts of Reading says it was "blindsided" when a Chicago-based cannabis company, backed by Philadelphia philanthropist Chase Lenfest, was awarded a permit to open a huge marijuana-growing facility in its midst. "There was no notice, no conversations," said South...
  3. G

    Can you overdose with water conditioner?

    Where i currently live i only have chlorinated water so i use ph down and dechlorinator. The measurement calls for 5ml per ten gallons (teaspoon) so it would be like 1 drop for a gallon. I used 4 drops because it didn t seem right. Does anyone know if you can overdose with this product? I use...
  4. K

    MA: Medical-Marijuana Plan May Go Before Leominster City Council

    Leominster - While a specific site plan for a medical-marijuana dispensary has yet to be formally approved by the city's Planning Board, the board's chairman said Tuesday a public hearing on the plan may be held during the City Council's meeting Monday. "The City Council would give them their...
  5. K

    Canada: Pot Smokers Feel 'Cheated' By Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

    Toronto - Recreational marijuana users who worked hard to elect Prime Minister Justin Trudeau now feel "cheated" by his support of a police crackdown on storefront dispensaries, a cannabis industry spokesperson says. Abi Roach, a director with the Cannabis Friendly Business Association, said...
  6. R

    MA: Worcester Strikes Deal With 2nd MMJ Dispensary, Prime Wellness Center

    The city has signed a letter of non-opposition with a second medical marijuana dispensary to open in Worcester. City Manager Edward Augustus, Jr. announced in a press release Wednesday that he'll be providing the letter to the Prime Wellness Centers looking to open on 0 Pullman St. Earlier...