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  1. Tnt7800

    Growing Weed Anywhere!

    So I got some questions, with being legal. grow some trees all over my house why not.? Lol Chong did it☮️ So I really want to know how he had weed as regular old house plants..
  2. C

    First time growing need help!

    This is my first time growing, but I'm just missing one thing, I need a good growing medium available in eastern Ontario Canada, I need a good soil/fertilizer, that I can get, I've tried getting FoxFarm's Oceans and Forests, but sadly I can't get it, it's on Amazon but the prices are ridiculous...
  3. G

    Oregon prescribing doctors

    Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to get a prescription for marijuana for severe constant headaches that I always have due to 4 past ear surgeries. If there is a possibility that I could get a prescription how can I find a doctor that is supportive of this treatment. I live in Salem OR. thanks
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