pro-mix soil


    My First Photo - Ministry Of Cannabis Big Bud XXL In Pro-Mix - 69 Volt Bridgelux Vero 29 Generation 7

    Auto's are like a chick that breaks up with you the first time you piss her off. She isn't as cute or as voluptuous as her counterpart but she is low maintenance, which just makes you comfortable in sticking around. Photo's on the other hand, will let you fuck up a few times and take you back...
  2. Greaper905

    Greaper905's Barney's Farm Tangerine Dream Feminized

    Im New to posting around here, but have been here reading and lurking mostly. Have posted on s few sites & have posted a grow progress on others. This will probably be my new home for posting my grows :) This will be my 5th Grow, 4rd Indoor. Previous grows: (2) CKS White Widow, (1) CKS...
  3. QKrop

    AutoBlueberry - LED - Air-Pot - Biobizz/Promix Soil - 2015

    What's up everyone. Back on my second grow after a disastrous first one when stupid spider mites kill my plants but I'm going to take all efforts to be bug free. Anywho I'm growing Dutch Passion's Autoblueberry strain in 3 gal Air-pots. Another new tool I'm trying out but with all you guys...