pro-mix soil

  1. Ladon

    Completed Ladon's Soil Barney’s Farm Strawberry Lemonade

    Introduction This mid-grow journal will document the growth, nutrients, techniques and result of cultivating Strawberry Lemonade from Barney's Farm under a 600 watt air-cooled hood in a 4' x 4' tent. Strain Feminized Strawberry Lemonade from Barney's Farm Genetics: Strawberry x Lemon OG...
  2. Greaper905

    Completed Greaper905's Barney's Farm Tangerine Dream Feminized

    Im New to posting around here, but have been here reading and lurking mostly. Have posted on s few sites & have posted a grow progress on others. This will probably be my new home for posting my grows :) This will be my 5th Grow, 4rd Indoor. Previous grows: (2) CKS White Widow, (1) CKS...
  3. QKrop

    Completed AutoBlueberry - LED - Air-Pot - Biobizz/Promix Soil - 2015

    What's up everyone. Back on my second grow after a disastrous first one when stupid spider mites kill my plants but I'm going to take all efforts to be bug free. Anywho I'm growing Dutch Passion's Autoblueberry strain in 3 gal Air-pots. Another new tool I'm trying out but with all you guys...
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