1. Ron Strider

    Man Who Had Marijuana Mailed To Him While On House Arrest Gets Probation

    A 20-year-old from St. Charles who was on home monitoring on three pending felony drug cases when he was charged with having cannabis oil mailed to him to later sell was sentenced Monday to 6½ years of probation. "I don't trust you," Kane County Judge John Barsanti said as he sentenced Braham...
  2. L

    California resident - Room-mate's on felony probation

    so me and my brother thought we would grow a couple of plants seeing that it is legal now.. so we have 4 babies and theyre about 3 months old... my roommate just got on felony probation.. can we have these plants? we are growing these outdoors by the way... thank you very much...
  3. Y

    Administrative monitoring program?

    Hello I am in santa Clara county and just got off EMP for cultivation. I paid my fines and community service . I am trying to pro se my prop 64 dismissal. Pain in the ass to get the clerk to set a date in court .. my question is does someone know what administrative monitoring program is for my...
  4. F

    Friend charged - Probation technicality

    So a friend of mine has been charged. Even though it looks like the case might be thrown out probation might be the case. Hes a user frequently and is worried that he cant smoke weed before his court date. Is it safe to smoke before your convicted and if it is is there anything he should do or...
  5. Katelyn Baker

    Probation Bill For Marijuana Prompts Call For Legalization In Delaware

    Dover, Delaware - The passage of a bill that could spare some misdemeanor drug offenders from convictions has prompted a conservative Republican senator and gubernatorial candidate to call for the formal legalization of marijuana in Delaware. The legislation, which would expand probation...
  6. B

    Veterans on probation in Colorado

    Signez la pétition
  7. D

    Unsupervised Probation

    This is my first post here so hopefully this is the right place. A few months ago I was pulled over in a friends car and there was marijuana and we all got charged with possession among a few other things. I recently was placed on unsupervised probation after pleading guilty to possession, as...
  8. N

    Probation Drug Test

    Ok Here's my Situation... I'm 5'8" - 200 lbs. I've been smoking every day ( one and/or two bowls per night, about 5 bowls on Saturday and Sundays ) for the last 10 years. I just started probation and got a 30 day stay on any drug tests... For the last month I've been clean (except I...
  9. E

    Freaking out

    Unfortunately due to a bad situation, I've landed myself on probation. I've failed every test but one, and I'm only halfway through. The one time I passed, I stopped smoking 6 days prior. I filled a 32oz Nalgene water bottle with green tea (three bags to be exact). I also bought a 32 oz...
  10. C

    Stupidity has it's rewards - Case dismissed - Funny story

    Hey guys - I stopped by to get some info about a bio-med company selling online but thought I'd share a funny true story with you while I wait for feedback. Anyway - my friend Tony gives me a collect call and says he's in jail for illegally growing and selling marijuana, in his usual drunk...
  11. N

    Does Stat Flush work?

    Well 1st I've been meaning to subscribe to this magazine for awhile and its pretty cool so far. Anyways, I got busted with pot and may have to get probation and wanted to purchase Stat Flush because two friends have told me about it but I wanted to be sure. I have court in about 5 days and...
  12. A

    Need Help From Seasoned Smokers

    Hello Everyone, So this is my first time posting, but I have frequented the forums for quite some time now. First let me begin with my current situation and what I am trying to achieve. I was caught with a pipe in Arizona (where I live) and ordered to take 36 hours of "Dynamic Living" classes...
  13. H

    Drop Tomorrow

    I have to pass a drop tomorrow morning and I may have smoked today. I purchased Jazz Total Detox 16 oz. Will I be able to take it an hour before like it says, or should I take it two hours before I drop that way I have a chance to get the extra water into my system. I have already began to drink...
  14. King Kilroy

    Arrest just lead to Activism!

    So i decided to write a post about my experience of getting arrested for possesion of marijuana. I live in california and was in possesion of marijuana within 1000 yards of a school when i was serched. The total amount of what i was carrying added up too; 7/10ths of a gram, a small pipe and...
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