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  1. M

    Auto AK48 in coco, can't get past first seedling stage: first grow

    HYDRO Sunlight from indoors/outdoors Medium: Coco coir and perlite Strain type: 55% Indica / 25% Sativa / 20% ruderalis I have been trying to germinate and grow SIX AK48 auto seeds for a couple of months now in the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia. I promise I'm not bashing them around, but 3...
  2. xthursdayx

    Why does my cured bud taste crappy?

    Hi all, about three months ago I finished up a grow of some Mephisto Genetics Sour Stomper autoflower plants. The buds are covered in trichomes and smell fantastic, but when smoked they taste basically like schwag/low grade "dirt" weed. Any idea why this might be or what I should change? For...
  3. jebivetr

    Help with identifying problem

    Hello guys, I have 9 plants and 4 of them are starting to show mosaic pattern and on one of them the tips are starting to show burn sings and other spots on leaves they are 3,5 week old and that is including first week when they were germinating so 2,5 weeks if i dont count first week. They...
  4. Z

    Help! My plants are loosing color and one is dying and I don't know why

    I have gotten 2 clones from a friend 2 weeks ago and since i have startet growing them. They are now in week 2 of vegetative state and are having some problems. One of the plant is turning its new leaves brown and yellow and older leaves get yellower. The other one is much more healthier but it...
  5. J

    Mars-Hydro description of their lights

    Hi, so I recently bought mars hydro pro II 320 1600w (I know its not 1600w) Also I have socket that counts energy output and even when on mars-hydro page they advertise Draw Power:110V: 740W±5% 220V: 721W±5% Real draw power is 540w. I tried it right after first turn on of led light so there...
  6. Y

    Slow growth rate

    Hi, I have two cannabis plants that were planted in the same day (middle of April). Both are cutting . One is Purple Haze (the small one) and the second is Tutankhamun. Both are growing hydroponic (DWC) in the same condition. Electrical conductivity around 1350us/cm, PH 5.7. Growth room...
  7. S

    Early Veg Problem Help Please

    Hey! I took a look at my plants this morning and I noticed some of the earlier leaves are wilting up a bit and are discolored kind of browning a bit near the veins. I had to flush a week back because of too much nitrogen. It was yesterday that I noticed I might have a problem. The soil was...
  8. A

    What's wrong little plant 2 weeks old

    Hello friends. I am currently growing my first batch of 21 plants mix cbd/thc. All plants are autoflower and are grown outside. I use ph-meters for soil and water. Watering with 6,5-6,6 ph. Soil ph is around 6,8 on average. Humidity varies between 20-45% The seedling...
  9. R

    Trouble with my first autoflower grow

    Hi everyone. I'm just doing my first run with autos and something seems off. I'm running a couple of sour diesel in 5 gallon fabric pots under the hlg 500. I tried to take a few photos that showed them side by side. These were started at the same time and have been sitting beside each other and...
  10. Brnwn4

    What’s wrong with my plants?

    Transplanted from solo to 2g smart pots last Saturday. It’s now Wednesday. They are perked up but I think I have mold? I snapped off some leafs that had yellow spots. But I have this weird kinda white glow? It’s not crazy white put a little? There in roots organic original soil. Ph is 6.4 ish...
  11. Florushingflowers

    Sick plant!

    I'm worried about this gal, she looks as if she's not recovering at all. My personal thoughts were that she had slight nutrient toxicity and under watered. I've now corrected this and a week later seems to be no recovery or uplifting. Expert diagnosis on what this looks to you will be much...
  12. R

    Probably a common deficiency

    My plant is only 2.5 week old, is getting brown/red spots on it's lower leaves and slightly curling leaves, it's just started growing it's 3rd set of true leaves. No other plants in the grow space, using gro+ start compost with added nutrients (says nutes last 4 weeks), No nutrients added yet...
  13. C

    Do I have a Cal/Mag deficiency?

    Hey there. I have a plant that is showing some sort of deficiency or multiple problems and I am thinking it might mainly be a calcium magnesium deficiency. Most of my plants have symptoms but one is effected much worst than the rest. All plants are being vegged. They are about 3 months old and...
  14. Brbcp

    Help my plant's innocent leaf problem

    Hi anyone can help me please what my plants problem ? Im use 300 watt cfl there is 25C in grow room maybe max 28C my plant 42 days old im give plagron pk 13-14 . First the bottom leaves start turn yellow where no light . But some day ago everywhere leaves turning barely yellow from the edge. And...
  15. L

    Help problem with leaves on seedling

    Hi all, I have a problem with my seedling, leaves are green and pinged up but look rough on the edges and has red/purple in them middle. Light is 300w LED, is my light too close?
  16. F

    Problem - Amber Pistils Day 19

    Strain - unknown # of plants - 1 Grow Type - soil Grow Stage - flowering Number of days in flowering - 21 days Bucket size - Lights - 2 LED plant light (specs unknown) Nutrients - Fridge size - approx 4 cubic feet Water frequency - about 600 ml every other day Pests - none Pollen - none...
  17. 20180329_124339.jpg


    Seriously unwell seedlings. Early pearl grow #1
  18. F

    Very small seedlings died

    Hello, I started this grow a little over 3 weeks ago. I used the paper towel method to germinate six seeds. They all tap rooted apart from one and then got potted into very small grey paper/cardboard pots not sure how big but definatley less then one litre. I used tropic mix, which is 70% coco...
  19. S

    What's Wrong With This Plant?

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for some ideas from the great experience we have here, as to what I'm doing wrong to my poor plant. My first grow and it's an Auto AK-47, stunted by early over watering but recovered pretty well over the last few weeks. At least until the last few days. The larger...
  20. G

    New grower needs some help for plant leaves yellow

    hi there everyone. i am a new home grower just started to gower lately. i am using groready coco for my medium. temperature is keeping at 75 to 80 C. they are being grow for about 16days already. somehow the plants seems to be not that healthy. the leaves look so yellow. i did kept my ph level...
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