1. G

    I don't know what this is but I spotted very early: What is this sign?

    Guys i have 5 plants which i overwaterd at seadling. They looked great until they curled down a bit. I spotted that imidiately and stoped watering. I attached 2 photos. One in day 6 and one in day 11. Today day 11 i woke up in the morning and i noticed a concerning spot on my plant. What is it??
  2. Smkriz99

    Green seeds?

    I wanted to know if anyone knows if these are seeds? My girl is in her 3 rd week of blooming and I notices under some of the buds green seeds?? Should I be worried ?? And what exactly did I do wrong to have seeds!?
  3. T

    Leaves discoloring, twisting, being weird, help please

    4 weeks veg from seed on Friday, soil, using floraflex, temps 75.6 average, rh 73.5%, growing under a single 650w led located 42" away dimmed to 50%. Tap water .01ec, mix cal mag to .3-.4 ec, floralex 2g v1 and v2 per gallon ec ends at 1.6-1.8, i than adjust my ph to 6.5. Fans blowing on the...
  4. SensiSirena

    What's killing my seedlings?!

    New to forums, new to growing. Did a good amount of a research (I thought, apparently not). I have an in closet set-up using a metal halide lamp, approx 22 inches from top of plants. Enclosed with a makeshift aluminum barrier. Started all seed in paper towel till sprouted (about 7days). Put in a...
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