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    New grower Can someone help me identified what the problem ?

    My plant are at their 6st week of flowering and its been a week since those kind of deficency appere what can i do? I been using miracle grow for soil and fox farm for nutriments feeding them twice a week . And my last plant what just star flowering turn...
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    Manganese deficiency?

    Hello fellow farmers, Today is day 56 of my Moby Dick XXL Autoflowering and buds are looking nice but these brown leaves and spots are really worring me... I haven't found them in older leaves, only in the new ones... Thats why I believe these could be a Manganese...
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    What Deficiency Is This?

    My plant is about 3 weeks into flowering and is showing great pistil and trichome production. Last night I noticed some sort of deficiency on a few leaves on the lower half of the plant. Can someone I.D. this deficiency and how to go about fixing it? Light cycle is 12/12 Lights: Feit electric...