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problems please help!

  1. F

    New to Hydro grow comparison: Weird issue

    PPM 800-875 Viraspectra P2500 light. 3rd week into flowering. 4 different strains 2 coco and 3 dwc for comparison of results. My problem is the plants are pointing straight up in DWC. One seems to be mutating from it. What kind of problem is this. No signs of deficiency any where I can see...
  2. J

    Cannabis pistils turned brown in the week 3

    Cannabis pistils turned brown in the week 3. I want to know if anyone with experience here can tell me what happened. I checked that there are no male.
  3. B

    White Widow / NL hydro problems

    I had an issue with my plants the PPM was at 1300.. and I think I stunted their growth someone on here for me to drop the PPM down to 600... which fixed it. I'm using plant magic veg.. But I was told to switch to Bloom... I'm on the 7th week since germination... But they look rather small...
  4. B

    Please help!

    Hi first time grower here looking for some help... almost overnight a couple leaves on 2/4 plants look like this. Any ideas?
  5. Bubbafreed

    White & yellow patching on leaves, nutrient?

    Please see the attached, any idea what this is? My thoughts were splashes on nutrients directly onto leave rather than soil, therefore burn? It doesnt look like nitrogen deficiency. A little stuck
  6. flytier

    Leaves Going Brown

    Hi fellow potheads, My White Widows are about 2 weeks into their 12/12 cycle with buds just starting to form and they are getting some brown on the leaves. I'm aware that something like this is normal for flowering plants, but it seems kind of soon. They are in an unventilated closet-sized...
  7. S

    Starting my first grow for medical, but have issues (pot cured my 200+ seizures)

    Hey all! Before I got my hands on weed I was having 200+ grand mal seizures a month and had no quality of life. Meds weren't working, I was looking at getting a seizure dog and had to leave school. I then got my hands on some bud and I'm down to less than 1 minor seizure a month! I had...
  8. S

    Expertise of an experienced grower

    I've recently taken up growing using a semi-homemade Aeroponic grow system. I've got 2 strains, one I believe to be Gorilla Glue and another that is Bloody Skunk. The Gorilla Glue was planted first and has grown more quickly than the other. I am currently on Day 26. I had pH issues at the...
  9. A

    Day 9 - Little to no growth

    So here's the deal, i made the mistake of planting in Compost after germinating.. After the first set of true leaves grew, the second seemed to struggle. One day I woke up to see the first set reaching for the sky in a V shape, slight discolouration followed .. it\'s been 4-5 days and it\'s...
  10. S

    Help - My girl is going to die fast!

    Hi one of my plant its going to die fast( IMAGE DOWN Here)!!!i grow outdoor temp is 80 F in direct sunlight( hot) HELP me please to save them, and my little plant getting yellow of the beginning i use NPK 20 20 20
  11. A

    Manganese deficiency?

    Hello fellow farmers, Today is day 56 of my Moby Dick XXL Autoflowering and buds are looking nice but these brown leaves and spots are really worring me... I haven't found them in older leaves, only in the new ones... Thats why I believe these could be a Manganese...
  12. S

    First time grower NL Auto - Possible issue with top cola bud

    Hey, first time grower here looking for some help with an issue I'm having. Btw I only got this far from all the great posts on this website so thanks for all the great info so far! What Strain is it? NL Auto Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Mostly Indica How Many Plants? 1...
  13. M

    Vanilla Kush problems

    View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery This is her 26th day from seed. 2 days ago I started noticing the color changing on the leaves. Don't know what it could be as this is my first grow. I am Using a 5 gallon bucket for deep water culture...
  14. N

    Second group I've ever done

    This is my second time doing this. I'm using soil with 5 gal buckets and General Organics line of organic nutrients. I'm using the LIGHT feeding schedule posted on the bottle. I add every other feeding with pHed water. The plants are super green, almost have Nitrogen Toxicity. Around this time...
  15. M

    Have some problems and need help about late flowering outdoor

    "purple bud" from sensi seeds white label company feminized 75%indica I growing this all mix soil outdoor since 27 of May now I am on late flowering period . 1) I used some fertilizers (biobizz) but for only 1,5-2 months do I have to flush? 2)leafs especially in the upper-highest bud...
  16. Trip420

    Need expert help on yellowing/brownish leaves! Help!

    Hello everyone this is my first grow with a proper room just not sure on how to feed plants nutes so i went with the lazy way that might bite me in the behind when it comes to harvest. So i bought PRO-MIX potting soil with micro nutes in the soil that feed my plants and planted my Black Indica's...
  17. S

    Help My Seedling!

    My seedlings cotyledons are yellow and brown and shrivled at the tips, i need help, idk how to upload pictures but so until then ill describe it, the seedling is very small maybe a quarter inch tall, they cotyledons are yellow and they are brown on the tips and look like its shriveled or shrank...
  18. B

    Please help! huge problems in DWC

    :helpsmilie: Hey, got massive problem in flowering room. I have planted in DWC 50 clones from my Power Plant mother They were 2 weeks old, rooted and seemed to be happy in veg. Than i moved to flower room: -63L black boxes -well aired water with bubblers -water temp 20C / 68F -air...
  19. S

    Extreme curling + yellowing - WTH is wrong with my plant??

    hi people, As my grow continues and reached day 20 of flowering, The problems continue... In the last 3-4 days 2 of my 4 plants started to yellow and curl a bit at the tips. didnt seem that serious, thought its probably heat stress. but its getting worse and today it really become visible...
  20. G

    first grow- flowering space problem

    I am 4 weeks into flowering and my plants have reached the top of my small grow space up to this point in flowering. 3x3x3 space with 150W HPS bulb. I have recently created a new flowering space that is 6'hX5'wX3'd and a 600w HPS bulb. My question is will this environment change hurt my plants...
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