1. M

    Overwatering/underwatering problem?

    So I'm new to growing and I'm running into some problems and can't decide if I'm watering too much or not enough. Or maybe it's something else. I have read so much about both and have adjusted my watering both ways but still can't decide what it is. My soil ph is just below 7.0, I definitely...
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    Shrivelling. Early pearl. Seedling problem.
  3. 20180325_070444.jpg


    Regular Sensei seeds early pearl regular
  4. P

    New grower - Lots of questions!

    Hey guys, I started growing a few pots outside using random seeds from my stash. They growing nicely and I recently trimmed and topped them off. However, I noticed today that two of the leave on one plant started getting brown stains. I have attached a pic of it along with pics of the plants...
  5. F


    I seem to be able to up load pictures but I need them to go to the grow room plant problems any help will be apreciated
  6. Oldbear

    Plant Problems Real Pictures

    I found this in a blog. Wanted to copy it here. All credit and many thanks to Rascio and iwltfum Plant Problems Using Real Pictures/
  7. N

    Help with first grow?

    Running into some issues with my first grow. I'm growing a Crop King Seeds Dwarf Low-Flyer in a homemade grow box, 2x2x3. I'm growing in soil, in a 3 gallon fabric pot. It's about 6 days since sprout, with no changes in the past couple days. I've been adjusting my water to about 6.5 PH. I just...
  8. T

    Germination Problems

    Can anyone out there help me? What kind of problems am I looking at? Can I turn it around? I cupped these bubba kush from crop king three weeks ago and they are three weeks in the cup under t5. Medium is ready grow soiless Coco Bottled water purified only. Brand is refreshe...
  9. ondercuver

    Stoner moment - Stoner scientist - Or just a mistake? Ca uptake chart

    So bear with me I have some cal def problems with one of my plants, I know it's my fault and I've taken corective measures that actually work . While researching the problems and solutions I keep on finding a few PH nutrient absorption charts that are contradictory This is in regards...
  10. W

    Need some help ASAP!

    Hello guys This is my second grow on CFL Mixed Spectrum - 4X75W(2700K) + 2X125W(2700k) + 4X75W(6400K). Box size is 120X60X175. 3 seeds are growing pretty well as u see on this pictures. All of them are 2 weeks old, but only "jack herrers" have problems on growing.One has very weak leaves and...
  11. Q

    Orange splotches on leaves with pictures - Please help!

    Hello, My Soil: organic garden soil mixed with perlite My Nutrients: BioThrive Grow and Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus pH'd in the 6's My Light: 300W LED I've noticed these orange splotches and I have no idea what they are, I'm still new at growing, and I found this on my Green Crack in...
  12. S

    Ballast problems

    hi. i had an omega 400w ballst only used on one grow.and a lumni 400w ballast used 3 grows. had my set up down for a few weeks and had them in dry warm storage. put the omega back in set up and was working fine. then went to ad lumni to the set up and was making a noise but light would not...
  13. F

    Novice grower encountering problems during flower

    This plant is about 7 weeks into flowering from an unknown seed but it seems like it has a longer flowering period. I've used ocean forest from the start (no added nutes during veg) once flowering started I've been using old age bloom 5-10-5 and watering about once or twice a week with...
  14. B

    A little advice please

    Hello! These are autos going for their 59th day. I've had some problems with pH from the beginning and then later some more problems that I wasn't able to hassle out. They have lost a lot of leaf mass over the time, but the nugs are looking okay. They should have like 2-3 weeks to go. In the...
  15. A

    Help please! Clone has problems

    Hello everyone. I have an Amnesia clone that was potted 2 weeks ago and it has realy Streched and i can see signs of problems on the leaves. OUTDOOR SOil - light mix with extra cow manure added ---- My guess is too much nutrients because of that. Any help will be much appreciate.
  16. J

    Please help

    Hey, New to the forum just had some questions for you guys, first time grower, love this hobby to bits but just having problems pin pointing my problems please help?
  17. Pistol03

    LED or HPS?

    Hi guys. I'm trying to find out some info on led light like mars?. I currently use a 600hps but sometimes I get heat problems.. do you get the same quality with led and yields etc.. thanks.
  18. Crianza

    Outdoor Autoflower Issues

    Outdoor Autoflower Help.. I have some autoflowers I'm growing outdoors on Day 34 from the time it sprouted from seed. Growing in FFOF/HF potting soil/EWC and HF fruit and flower. I've been giving EarthJuice Grow and Catalyst the last 2 weeks (maybe 3 times). The plant has developed some slight...
  19. CropKingSeeds

    Crop King - We Will Do Better

    We here at Crop King Seeds would like to apologize for the poor service people have received. A far busier than expected start of the year, losing a senior staff member to medical issues, outside pressures, Canada Post problems and our sale to new owners all contributed to this degradation in...
  20. S

    Help I'm a first time grower and I need advice

    Help this is my first grow and I'm already in the 6th week of blooming. Some of my white widow leafs look like death and Idk whats wrong. Rn my ppm is 990 and the lighting is on a 12/12 cycle. I'd like to post a picture so you master growers can help identify the problem but idk how yet