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  1. C

    Any suggestions on odor control in community setting and an auto that produces

    Hi, Looking for some info on quality odor control filters for close community living and looking for any recommendations on an auto strain that produces good yields and packs a punch. Peace, Crazyhorse
  2. B

    Best hydroponic system for indoor?

    What is the best hydroponic system for a 4x4 tent and a 4x8 tent? Looking for the most-efficient system that produces the best quality possible ☺
  3. G

    LED linear high bay lights

    I have access to very high output LED light fixtures for commercial applications. High bays and street lights.They come in the standard "kelvin" colours. 2700k, 3000k, 4000k, 5000k and 6000k, I am considering using a 5000k,240 watt fixture that produces about 28800 lumens for my 2x4x4 grow box...
  4. Sypherz

    Question about lighting cycle?

    This is a screenshot of the description from the seedbank.. Only question is should i go with 12/12 for this particular strain ? Ive heard most people say that 12/12 light cycle is a waste of time with autos bc it produces airy buds and isnt great for plant growth.. This will be my first grow...