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  1. M

    Username Change and Grow Journal

    Hey there, just looking for some assistance on changing my username as it appears I can't do it myself. Also, my grow journal was just deleted by an admin. I had asked that one post be removed, it was a duplicate. But instead the whole thing is gone!?
  2. HoneyGirl420

    New here - Need quick advice on editing profile

    Aloha I would be happy, thankful, and able to share more about me if someone could tell me how to edit my profile
  3. B

    Profile Name Change

    Can someone help me change my profile name please? I am obviously a total newb and lacking in creativity, so I will take anything that isn't my real name :thumb:
  4. S

    How to update my profile

    I use my android, no computer. I can't figure how to add to/update my profile.. any help would be great. Thanks!
  5. infiniteJuan

    Profile pic not showing up in forum posts

    Hello, I'm curious if there is something I need to do in order to get my profile pic to show up over here... <----- in my posts. I have a profile picture set up in my profile but it's not showing up on my posts that I can see. Thanks for any help you can provide. :peace:
  6. K

    From Hollywood To High Profile Execs, Everyone Seems Enticed By The Budding Industry

    From Hollywood to high profile execs, everyone seems enticed by the budding weed industry High profile executives, from CEO's to managing directors have transitioned from their lucrative careers to trying their hand at acieving success in the booming cannabis industry. One such executive...
  7. BigSur

    Likes Recieved button does not work any more

    Hey, after the recent update to the like button on this site, if I go to My Profile and click on Likes Received, it just pops back up to the profile page and ignores the click. So something funny happened after the upgrade. Also I noticed yesterday the my like count was cut drastically (33) and...
  8. K

    I know this is dumb but can someone tell me how to edit my profile?.

    Tried clicking "edit profile " and it wont work....I want to put up my non/materialistic ,never plastic profile...Thanx