1. D

    Seedling hasn't grown in two days

    hi guys what is the rate of growth for a seedling my plants haven't really had much progress right now any tips on how to get the to BOOM?
  2. potanna

    Top & LST - Delay the progress?

    Hey guys, this is my 2nd grow with 60d lemon and strawberry sour diesel. So i want to top/lst the plants but i am worried if these methods are going to delay the progress and if so for how long? and if you have also any tips about these methods, cause it will be the first time to try them...
  3. D

    8 Day Progress BlueBerry Auto

    Growing under HID / MH lights . Started January 6 with proper lighting . Temp: 80 Humidity: 60 Soil Flower power ferts but soon running low and switching to fox farms . The first picture was taken January 21st The second picture taken January 29th auto blueberry this is 8 day...
  4. J

    Arkansas Dispensaries

    Hey 420 family, hope all is well. Does anyone know when the dispensaries are set to open in Arkansas? Really any information on Arkansas's progress or lack their of would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Toke on James1674
  5. W

    Wertyu in the grow-house

    hey, just wanted to introduce myself, im looking foward to share my progress and stuff, peace
  6. ConstantGreen

    Completed 3rd Grow: Amare Tech 450W LED & UVB, 4x4 Tent

    :party: Hello 420! Welcome to my 3rd grow's journal!!! :party: Strains: 12 [White Widow x Big Bud], 2 [SexBud] Indoor: 4'x4'x6' tent Light: Amare's Solar Eclipse 450w LED + UVB Soil: Fox Farm - Ocean Forest Nutes: Advanced Nutrients - Iguana Juice, General Organics - CaMg, Blackstrap Molasses...
  7. I

    Just joined

    Hello. I'll be over at grow journal posting my progress :)
  8. Cannbidoscar

    Week 4/5 flowering - Progress feels slow

    It's my first photo grow, plants showed around 4/5 weeks ago, can't remember exactly as the took around 2 weeks to show sex after the flip. Progress seems slow I'm just wondering if this supposed 55 day strain is on track. Another 6 weeks or so was the time frame I was thinking.
  9. K

    Abandoned Multi-Strain Fun in 800W HPS Sun - Customized Soil - SOG

    Hello to all, This is my 1st grow journal on 420 mag but this isn't my first rodeo. I welcome all comments from other seasoned growers which will only improve my future grows. Feel free to chime in no matter who you are. Let's get the details out of the way 1st & then a quick photo update...
  10. I

    Abandoned Outdoor Grow - Started April 23rd

    Hey guys.. This is my first post in 4 years! A lot has improved since then! These plants were started 4/23 Right now most of them are in 5 Gallon Smart pots, still waiting to transplant a few Used Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Happy Frog Nutes: Grow Big, Big Bloom Try and guess how many...
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