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  1. B

    Let's create an open source GrowBox!

    Hi I have studied about indoor growing and I have tried to create a DIY automated controller for indoor grow with arduino. I have seen a lot of projects that they try to do that but all of them is either old or they have a lot of bugs and it is difficult to scale the code if you want to do...
  2. Ron Strider

    California Contractor Begins Licensing Cannabis Sellers

    The Bureau of Cannabis Control issued the first round of temporary licenses for commercial cannabis businesses on Thursday, almost 18 days ahead of the Jan. 1 project deadline. The 20 temporary licenses were issued through the department's Cannabis Licensing, Enforcement and Reporting (CLEaR)...
  3. Ron Strider

    PA: Chase Lenfest-Backed Marijuana Facility 'Blindsided' It, Town Says

    A small community on the outskirts of Reading says it was "blindsided" when a Chicago-based cannabis company, backed by Philadelphia philanthropist Chase Lenfest, was awarded a permit to open a huge marijuana-growing facility in its midst. "There was no notice, no conversations," said South...
  4. Ron Strider

    CO: San Luis Valley Hemp Fabric Woven For National Project

    As a collaboration between Fibershed, Rezolana Institute and Adams State University’s Community Partnerships, hemp has been grown, decorticated, blended with wool, spun and woven into fabric that provides a San Luis Valley fabric sample in Fibershed’s national research project. By blending...
  5. M

    The '17 Project

    This is my California medical sungrown project. I am running Darkheart Nursery gear in 100g smartpots, aside from two that are in 30g growbags. My soil is Roots 707. I am using the Earth Juice SeaBlast line of nutrients and will be top dressing with Rainbow mix in a few days. I am using a...
  6. Ron Strider

    CFCC Student Creates Doghouse Using Hemp

    A local college student says her capstone project in her Sustainability Technologies class was inspired by nature. Cape Fear Community College student Leigh Humphries chose hemp as a building material to construct a doghouse. Hempcrete is created by mixing the hemp core or 'shiv' from the...
  7. W

    New member from Texas

    new to this growing your own and i had a small project but interested in expanding. i'm a retired engineer and looking forward to getting help in my new project.
  8. Ron Strider

    Gov. Scott Signs Bill Allowing Florida A&M, UF To Begin Industrial Hemp Research

    Florida A&M University, along with the University of Florida, has been given the go-ahead to conduct research pilot projects on growing and selling industrial hemp. Gov. Rick Scott late Friday signed the Industrial Hemp Pilot Projects bill into law. It was sponsored by Sen. Bill Montford...
  9. T

    New youtube project

    Hey guys! I started a new youtube project that im siked to share with you! I put alot of time, effort, sweat, money and work in to this so i hope you will hit me up with some feedback and I would be forever grateful ! :Namaste:
  10. K

    UCCS Professor Receives One Of Several Research Grants For Marijuana

    Colorado Springs, Colo. - Colorado has approved another round of marijuana research. The projects range from one year to three years of study. Dr. Sara Qualls at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs is heading one of the studies. Dr. Qualls is a professor of psychology and of aging...
  11. T


    Hi im from Canuckland . Im here mostly for research on different strains for medical purposes .Especially for Cancer patience and Back pain , pain in general , anxiety . Been growing 20 + years organic . DWC hydro is another project of mine . On a side note , anyone have problems with...
  12. B

    BlackWoelf's Grow Room Build & Breeding Project - 2016

    Bubblicious & Pineapple Express 3 month veg outdoor to indoor Soil 50/50 mix of fox farm ocean forest & happy frog potting soil 5 gallon bucket two 2x4 8 bulb T5s steady room temp of 68-72 F Water PH 5.5-6.2 water once a week Cal-Mag only Hello, this is my first attempt at...
  13. K

    MA: Becket Passes On Marijuana Cultivation, Rejects Facility Proposal

    Becket - The voters of Becket voted overwhelmingly in favor for medical marijuana in Massachusetts in 2012. Four years later, the town has rejected a proposed cultivation facility in the town's Yokum Pond Road area. "We're not here to force this," said Joseph McCarthy, the President of...
  14. R

    Locals Collect Mendocino County's Cannabis History

    Marijuana has been a part of life in Mendocino since the back to the land movement of the 1960s and '70s, but new regulations for commercial cultivation and proposed recreational use are likely to bring a significant transition to local growing communities. Over the decades, the original long...
  15. R

    University Of Mississippi Plant Physiologist Keeps Cannabis Project Growing

    When senior research scientist Suman Chandra first came to the University of Mississippi's National Center for Natural Products Research in 2001, he had no idea that he would be involved in one of the most pivotal programs in the School of Pharmacy's history. Chandra, who has extensive...
  16. PotChimp

    Super Skunk

    What strain is it? Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Sensi Seeds - Super Skunk (5 regular seeds) Taking the Skunk family back to its Afghani roots, Super Skunk adds flavour, weight and potency to the always-reliable Skunk #1. Despite being released three years after Shiva Skunk, Super Skunk...
  17. J

    Stars, Stripes, And Hemp Fly Over The United States Capitol

    A plant the federal law says is a Schedule I controlled substance was used to make the U.S. flag that will fly over the Capitol on Veterans Day. Industrial hemp could be a boon for small farmers, say proponents, including the U.S. veteran who grew the hemp used to make the flag. An American...
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