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  1. M

    2ndGrow/1stJournal - 2 600W LED, Blueberry & GreenCrack

    Hellooo everyone! I’m very excited to start my First Journal. (This is my second time growing) I’ve been lurking these forums for years & I tried to start a journal years ago but I just didn’t have the time or know how. Right now everything is kind of a mess as nothing went as planned...
  2. HerbertoChiba

    Herberto's First Grow Journal - Soil & LED - Northern Lights - Trainwreck Auto - CKS

    Hi everyone, hope you are all well. My name is Herberto and I have been a long time watcher of the forum. After many years of dreaming and planning I finally have the chance to grow my own medicine for my chronic pain. Was hoping the government in Canada would have changed the laws to allow...