1. slylikeafox

    Slylikeafox Promix Soil Cali/OG Kush 70% Sativa - 2018

    2 seeds Cali OG Kush + Haze 70% Sativa 2 seeds Durban Poison 60% Sativa 2 seeds Green Crack Mainly Sativa Currently 7 days after sprouting (pre seedling) Indoor Soil Promix 3in pot size plastic and peat pots Mar II 1200w LED aircooled Cabinet temp 72-78c RH 30-65% Media PH 7...
  2. bignstrange

    BignStrange - Mars Hydro Pro II Epistar 320 - Let's Grow To Mars!

    Whats up everyone? :cheer2::welcome: Hope your all well! Im stoked to bring you this new journal, brought to you by Mars Hydro!! :cheer2: Mars Hydro LED Grow Light ,Led grow light , Mars Hydro SmokeSara from Mars Hydro got in contact with me a while back, and we got to talking about doing...
  3. SquattingBear

    Squattingbear's Promix Pineapple Cheese Tent

    Hello everyone. I recently planted two pineapple chunk seeds and two cheese seeds in promix. Originally thinking this was soil, I was watering at a ph of 6.3-6.5. The plants appear to be riddled with deficiencies ( I think due to ph swing and possibly over watering?). Upon reading more on...
  4. hyperluv

    Hyperluv's 2nd Grow Organic Soil Multiple Autos T5 & PS1000 LED - 2017

    Hi Everyone, this will be my second grow. I will be using soil this time for a more organic grow. No changes in the grow room tents from the last grow except for the size of the fabric pots. Tents: Two 5'x5' from Apollo horticulture Veg Tent Lights: Two T5 lamps with four 54W 4' bulbs each...
  5. bignstrange

    Bignstrange's 4x4 800W COB LED Grow Tent - Promix - New Grower - Drop In!

    Hey folks! Welcome to my first grow journal, and thanks for having me here! I am new to growing, but I would say I'm familiar enough with the basics of the plant that I would call this an intermediate grow journal, though I'm trying to lay it out nicely for beginners to follow as well...
  6. jimmyclone

    Round 2 - Ding Ding - 10 Baby Boom Autos - 1000W MH/HPS

    Okay starting Round 2.... Strain is Kannabia seeds baby boom auto x 10 Indica dominant hybrid Northern lights x blueberry 8*8 tent 1000w mh/hps GH line nutes- Everyone except the aroma nute, as the weed smells enough and doesn't need any help... But mabe we'll pick it along the way...
  7. P

    Aurora & Blackjack - 300W LED - Promix HP - Questions

    Hi folks, First grow. I have a couple of situations I need some advice on. Here is my setup. Growing Blackjack and Aurora Indica- both predominantly indica. 2X4X5 grow tent 300W LED grow light 18 inches above plants Currently in 5 gal Smart pots with straight Promix HP Using Botanicaire Grow...
  8. J

    Promix Ultimate Organic for cannabis?

    Is this stuff any good?
  9. ThcSnow

    Promix & Biobizz Flushing

    Does any one have experience with promix hp and biobizz i only use their full line of nutes nothing else. Just wondering if i should cut off and go to pure water for the last 2 weeks?
  10. M

    Problems with my seedlings

    Okay so I have been tryin to germinate my seedlings for some time now. 1 week lol. The first 5 only one cracked open & sprouted a taproot about 1/4inch. These seeds are very very small compared to the ones I have had before. So I assumed that was all that was coming out lol I immediately put the...
  11. B

    Feeding pH during bloom in soilless? Promix HP

    Hey all! Flipping to flower tomorrow for the first time! I am using promix HP and have generally been watering at 5.5 (a couple higher here and there) and the plant has done great! Should I stick to the same ph for flower? It seems like 5.5 - 5.8 for most feelings should do the trick...
  12. J

    Miracle Gro Garden soil?

    Trying to find a soil that won't kill my plants. I like promix but I can't find it here anywhere. So the only thing was Miracle Gro Garden Soil Plus for flowers and vegetables, NPK is 0.15-0.05-0.10. When I got home I realized on the bag it says for in ground only, not for use in pots. But...
  13. Guano

    Denver Durban Kush - ProMix HP - RX Green Solution - 1000W HPS

    Hello and thanks for stopping by to check this out! I haven't done a grow journal in awhile, and my first was so far off the rails that I didn't feel it was worth reading. I've learned a lot since then (with the help of this forum) so I'd like to do a start to finish. I'm a member of Grow...
  14. H

    Need Promix BX water only to wean the bottle

    Firstly I should say that I sometimes visit this site for a sick friend. I need help from someone with tried and true knowledge about water only soil mixes. I can't stress the importance of reality based responses. Please if folks could only offer tried and true recipes, not hypothetical...
  15. P

    I need some clarification on PH and meter reading

    These questions may seem elementary but the more I read the more confused I am getting. I have grown 3 grows of bag seed. I'm currently in my 5th week vegging DP White Widow fems. Questions: I am growing in ProMix-BX, a peat based mix from AGWAY. Is this considered Hydro or Soil for...