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  1. PurpleSpace

    PurpleSpace’s Soil PBF Grow Journal 2020

    What strain is it? Paul’s Blackberry Fire F4 - by New420guy Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Indica Hybrid 75/25 What percentages? THC 15-23% Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Seedling - 1 Day from breaking soil Indoor or outdoor? Indoor - 2x4x6.5 MarsHydro Tent Soil or Hydro? ProMix - Premium All...
  2. Nothernmichskunk

    Alaskan Thunderfuch

    Alaskan thunderfuch clones 3 gallon buckets-soil 5 weeks vegg after leaving the dome 9 weeks of flower .stick dry then into brown bag another 5 days to the jar.
  3. InTheShed

    Do we need to pH adjust our nutrient solutions?

    Greetings all! I recently had a running email conversation with the "Grower Services & Product Development Director" at ProMix (aka Premier Tech). I began the conversation by posting a question on their website, asking if I should be treating ProMix HP as soil or soil-less when mixing...
  4. Widowsnest

    Widownest’s Soil Royal Gorilla Fem, Amnesia Haze Auto & Dinamed CBD Auto - 2018

    Welcome to Widownest’s second journal! I have a diverse lineup that I’m very excited to get going and I’m glad that I can share it with all of you here. Please feel free to ask questions, question my methods, share your point of view, and point me in the right direction. Just so we’re all on the...
  5. slylikeafox

    Slylikeafox Promix Soil Cali/OG Kush 70% Sativa - 2018

    2 seeds Cali OG Kush + Haze 70% Sativa 2 seeds Durban Poison 60% Sativa 2 seeds Green Crack Mainly Sativa Currently 7 days after sprouting (pre seedling) Indoor Soil Promix 3in pot size plastic and peat pots Mar II 1200w LED aircooled Cabinet temp 72-78c RH 30-65% Media PH 7...
  6. bignstrange

    BignStrange - Mars Hydro Pro II Epistar 320 - Let's Grow To Mars!

    Whats up everyone? :cheer2::welcome: Hope your all well! Im stoked to bring you this new journal, brought to you by Mars Hydro!! :cheer2: Mars Hydro LED Grow Light ,Led grow light , Mars Hydro SmokeSara from Mars Hydro got in contact with me a while back, and we got to talking about doing...
  7. 4

    Squattingbear's Promix Pineapple Cheese Tent

    Hello everyone. I recently planted two pineapple chunk seeds and two cheese seeds in promix. Originally thinking this was soil, I was watering at a ph of 6.3-6.5. The plants appear to be riddled with deficiencies ( I think due to ph swing and possibly over watering?). Upon reading more on...
  8. hyperluv

    Hyperluv's 2nd Grow Organic Soil Multiple Autos T5 & PS1000 LED - 2017

    Hi Everyone, this will be my second grow. I will be using soil this time for a more organic grow. No changes in the grow room tents from the last grow except for the size of the fabric pots. Tents: Two 5'x5' from Apollo horticulture Veg Tent Lights: Two T5 lamps with four 54W 4' bulbs each...
  9. InTheShed

    InTheShed Grows Inside & Out: Jump In Any Time

    Well, this auto grower has jumped into Clone World because I got an offer, and who am I to turn down free plants! Details: - ILGM AK-47 fem (x2): 20:1 THC/CBD, 60% Indica/40% Sativa - ILGM Gold Leaf fem: 21:"high" THC/CBD (really ILGM, what the heck does that mean?), 35% Indica/65% Sativa...
  10. bignstrange

    Bignstrange's 4x4 800W COB LED Grow Tent - Promix - New Grower - Drop In!

    Hey folks! Welcome to my first grow journal, and thanks for having me here! I am new to growing, but I would say I'm familiar enough with the basics of the plant that I would call this an intermediate grow journal, though I'm trying to lay it out nicely for beginners to follow as well...
  11. jimmyclone

    Round 2 - Ding Ding - 10 Baby Boom Autos - 1000W MH/HPS

    Okay starting Round 2.... Strain is Kannabia seeds baby boom auto x 10 Indica dominant hybrid Northern lights x blueberry 8*8 tent 1000w mh/hps GH line nutes- Everyone except the aroma nute, as the weed smells enough and doesn't need any help... But mabe we'll pick it along the way...
  12. P

    Aurora & Blackjack - 300W LED - Promix HP - Questions

    Hi folks, First grow. I have a couple of situations I need some advice on. Here is my setup. Growing Blackjack and Aurora Indica- both predominantly indica. 2X4X5 grow tent 300W LED grow light 18 inches above plants Currently in 5 gal Smart pots with straight Promix HP Using Botanicaire Grow...
  13. J

    Promix Ultimate Organic for cannabis?

    Is this stuff any good?
  14. ThcSnow

    Promix & Biobizz Flushing

    Does any one have experience with promix hp and biobizz i only use their full line of nutes nothing else. Just wondering if i should cut off and go to pure water for the last 2 weeks?
  15. M

    Problems with my seedlings

    Okay so I have been tryin to germinate my seedlings for some time now. 1 week lol. The first 5 only one cracked open & sprouted a taproot about 1/4inch. These seeds are very very small compared to the ones I have had before. So I assumed that was all that was coming out lol I immediately put the...
  16. B

    Feeding pH during bloom in soilless? Promix HP

    Hey all! Flipping to flower tomorrow for the first time! I am using promix HP and have generally been watering at 5.5 (a couple higher here and there) and the plant has done great! Should I stick to the same ph for flower? It seems like 5.5 - 5.8 for most feelings should do the trick...
  17. J

    Miracle Gro Garden soil?

    Trying to find a soil that won't kill my plants. I like promix but I can't find it here anywhere. So the only thing was Miracle Gro Garden Soil Plus for flowers and vegetables, NPK is 0.15-0.05-0.10. When I got home I realized on the bag it says for in ground only, not for use in pots. But...
  18. Guano

    Denver Durban Kush - ProMix HP - RX Green Solution - 1000W HPS

    Hello and thanks for stopping by to check this out! I haven't done a grow journal in awhile, and my first was so far off the rails that I didn't feel it was worth reading. I've learned a lot since then (with the help of this forum) so I'd like to do a start to finish. I'm a member of Grow...
  19. H

    Need Promix BX water only to wean the bottle

    Firstly I should say that I sometimes visit this site for a sick friend. I need help from someone with tried and true knowledge about water only soil mixes. I can't stress the importance of reality based responses. Please if folks could only offer tried and true recipes, not hypothetical...
  20. P

    I need some clarification on PH and meter reading

    These questions may seem elementary but the more I read the more confused I am getting. I have grown 3 grows of bag seed. I'm currently in my 5th week vegging DP White Widow fems. Questions: I am growing in ProMix-BX, a peat based mix from AGWAY. Is this considered Hydro or Soil for...
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