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  1. LED Grow Lights Depot

    December Discounts On LED Grow Lights

    Hi members, We have our holiday discounts on LED grow lighting, tents, rosin presses, trimmers, and hydro equipment posted: Discount codes and promos on LED grow lights, grow tents, rosin presses, hydroponics Also, anything that is not on sale, use code: 'SANTA' for an additional 5% off. If...
  2. B

    Here's a coupon code for Mars hydro website

    Mars Hydro LED - the Best Solutions for Horticulture and Indoor Plants It's a very small percentage off, but hey it's something! :) promo code: COFINEST Happy Growing! :green_heart:
  3. L

    Where to find promo codes?

    I have been researching l.e.ds lately, but with all growlights there's always an option on the site 4 a promo code. well that's the easy part where to find em Idk! So here please anyone post up discounts and promo codes to help us all get 2 work cheaper. I myself am looking 4 an l.e.d promocode...
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