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  1. Herbies Seeds

    Herbies Seeds Updates 5th September 2018

    Herbies Seeds Updates 5th September 2018 Free UK Delivery September Offer For UK customers if you place an order over £50 with Herbies Seeds in September and pay in cash you will receive FREE delivery. This will automatically be deducted from your order. Back in Stock – You can see the full...
  2. Herbies Seeds

    New Promos and Offers at Herbies - Feb 2016

  3. Herbies Seeds

    Herbies Stock & Promos 5th January 2016

    Happy New Year All! Back in stock today: Blimburn Chocolopez Feminised Seeds The Real Seed Company Manipuri Seeds Tropical Old Congo seeds We also have a couple of additional promos added
  4. Herbies Seeds

    Herbies - New Promos Added - December 2015

    We have lots of offers on at Herbies, these are a few we have just added.. You can see the full list of promos at ! Free Seeds - Herbies Seeds
  5. BonzaSeedBank

    20% Off All Sensi Seeds Strains

    ...and also Flying Dutchmen, White Label Seeds and Mosca Seeds strains. For a limited time only.
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