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  1. A

    California Plant Count Question: Male Plants

    Does anyone know (with authority) if males plants count towards the 6 plant rule? Having a hard time tracking down this answer, appreciate the help.
  2. T

    Marijuana is a plant

    " I don't smoke weed ....I light a plant on fire and breath ! " haha what's up everybody ! I'm happy to join this 420 magazine and get involved with all of you !!
  3. LeafLady

    LeafLady's Soilless Agent Orange & Fire OG

    STRAIN: Agent Orange (Orange Skunk x Jacks Cleaner x Space Queen), and Fire OG (OG Kush x SFV OG Kush F3) Clones. # OF PLANTS: 12 Agent Orange, 1 Fire OG. STRAIN TYPE: Sativa Hybrid's CURRENT STATE: Veg Week 1 GROW ENVIRONMENT: Indoor, Air Cooled, 73 degrees F. GROW MEDIUM...
  4. LeafLady

    LeafLady's Soilless Blueberry Jack Grow Journal - 2011

    Hello 420magazine.com users! I'm LeafLady. I grow Medical Cannabis for personal use aswell as for a Medical Cannabis Dispensary. I am compliant with my local state laws. Prop. 215 Patient. Check out my latest grow: STRAIN: (Blueberry X Jack Herer X NL #5) Clones. # OF PLANTS: 12...
  5. P

    Create Your Medical Marijuana Storefront!

    The PlainView System is very powerful and is easily suited for you to run as a standalone Medical Marijuana storefront, automating your entire operation. We customize the PlainView System to your collective's needs by using your branding, logo and colors providing you with a clean professional...
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