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  1. S

    Can Apartment Complex's in California Regulate Prop 420/SB215?

    regulate Prop 420/SB215.. or deny your right to use in California? In your apartment?
  2. 916grow

    The Grow by 916Grow! Indoor Grow From Nothing to Green

    Hey guys! For those of you who helped out in my thread b4 I am back with the promised grow journal! This will be number 1 of 2 in the next few months. This Journal will Cover my current grow and some pics of my First Plant Ever! ( super gimped ;););) ) To Start I will just give you an idea of...
  3. 420

    Zen Healing Collective - West Hollywood, California

    If you are a legal Medical Marijuana patient in the state of California, please check out our Sponsor Zen Healing Collective for some of the Best High Grade Medical Marijuana in California! At "Zen" we are committed to providing our patients with natural alternatives to treat their pain and...
  4. Munki

    PhotoTron Grow with Ebb N Flow

    Hello. Newbie here who is attempting a first time grow as a caregiver for a prop 215 patient. Starting out can be very expensive when all parts have to be purchased all at once. I was able to get a start with a purchase from "da Craig"; a Phototron 9 for $50. :ganjamon: I know that HID is the...
  5. seedling


    RoorRipI'd like to introduce myself to you all so you know I exist and am not just some weirdo hangin out stalking the threads :nomo: I'm a Proposition 215 patient from southern CALI since 2007 but only recently decided I would get a clone, well, several months ago. I'm "seedling" as my name...
  6. C

    So cal prop215 patient and caregiver

    Im a prop 215 patient and also a caregiver to 3 other people besides myself Im from los angeles where the plant count is 6 mature or 12 imature per patient. I am currently growing 4 strains Poison kush, Venom kush ( both of which are just OG master kush pheno types) Cheese by greenhouse, and...
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