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  1. B

    Ez cloner trouble

    Hello, I have been using a Ez cloner for around 45 weeks and now have been experiencing troubles with clones rooting. (45 weeks ago) Date: Dec 2017 - I first was using a 32 site cloner with Clonex solution and a easy boy filter, At the current time I am unsure on what my current PPM was during...
  2. B

    Propagation help

    Have a growsaber 20w led 6500k above my propagation dome that constains my seedlings. I am wondering how far above them it should be
  3. flytier

    Putting Clones To Bud?

    Hey fellow potheads. I recently took a bunch of cuttings off my CKS White Widow for the purpose of getting them into flowering stage ASAFP. I have them in 5" pots with humidity domes on them. My question here is this: do I need to upsize the pots or do you think they will come to term in the...
  4. SMO MAN

    Managing Multiple Strains

    Growing from CLONES not from SEEDS- I have been collecting different strains for a while now and I don't want to lose any of them. Since I do not have seeds, I need to keep at least one of each strain growing. Unfortunately, that's not practical, (for several reasons). While my regular crop...
  5. B

    Homemade propagation dome - How much light? LED's

    Building a homemade propagation dome to start my seeds in from a large rubbermaid container since I wish to use 4'' rockwool cubes and standard propagation domes are not large enough. My question is how much light from LED's should i use for my dome? I am looking at 12, 24 and 36W led's. Also...
  6. S

    Cloning the Clone

    Does it matter if you take clones from a clone or do you need to maintain the original mother in the veg stage? Cloning the clone would save room, but I am concerned that it might cause a breakdown in genetics over time.
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