1. RCCtools

    Chewing on your clones in place of rooting hormone?

    Has anyone else had experience doing this? My previous roommate told me about a story about a time when he messed up his friend's plant and in desperation ended up cutting a bunch of clones and chewing on them before planting. I guess he didn't have enough rooting hormone available. I thought...
  2. irie lion

    Irie’s Propagation Station & Training Playground

    Hey 420 members! :ganjamon: I’ve been meaning to create this journal for the last month as I’ve been doing more cloning and been having some fun doing some random training. If you’ve got any questions about cloning or training plants, or you’d like to share your cloning methods please share...
  3. Metal Halide

    QB, MH, HPS, T5, LED New Fast Hybrids, BBxC99xFast, WhiteWidowxFast, #1SkunkxFast, FastChilly Perpetual Tent City, Clone To Harvest

    Coco RTW/DTW, hand fed until in bloom tent and then drip fed 5-20 runnoff Bloom tent - Currently full - Moneymaker & Skywalker OG - Harvest MM in 1-2 weeks and OG in 2-3 - 2x600w hps, ts1000, VS150, 6400k 130w cfl Veg-early Bloom tent - Currently full - Moneymaker & Skywalker OG - Soon to...
  4. B

    Ez cloner trouble

    Hello, I have been using a Ez cloner for around 45 weeks and now have been experiencing troubles with clones rooting. (45 weeks ago) Date: Dec 2017 - I first was using a 32 site cloner with Clonex solution and a easy boy filter, At the current time I am unsure on what my current PPM was during...
  5. B

    Propagation help

    Have a growsaber 20w led 6500k above my propagation dome that constains my seedlings. I am wondering how far above them it should be
  6. flytier

    Putting Clones To Bud?

    Hey fellow potheads. I recently took a bunch of cuttings off my CKS White Widow for the purpose of getting them into flowering stage ASAFP. I have them in 5" pots with humidity domes on them. My question here is this: do I need to upsize the pots or do you think they will come to term in the...
  7. SMO MAN

    Managing Multiple Strains

    Growing from CLONES not from SEEDS- I have been collecting different strains for a while now and I don't want to lose any of them. Since I do not have seeds, I need to keep at least one of each strain growing. Unfortunately, that's not practical, (for several reasons). While my regular crop...
  8. B

    Homemade propagation dome - How much light? LED's

    Building a homemade propagation dome to start my seeds in from a large rubbermaid container since I wish to use 4'' rockwool cubes and standard propagation domes are not large enough. My question is how much light from LED's should i use for my dome? I am looking at 12, 24 and 36W led's. Also...
  9. S

    Cloning the Clone

    Does it matter if you take clones from a clone or do you need to maintain the original mother in the veg stage? Cloning the clone would save room, but I am concerned that it might cause a breakdown in genetics over time.
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