1. Emilya Green

    10 Minute DIY Tupperware Bubble Cloner

    I have made several of these over the years, and I am pretty sure I remember giving my last one away. Today I had a need to reliably produce a large number of clones, and the easiest and most reliable method I have found is the bubble cloner. After finding the suitable plastic tub to destroy...
  2. BikerBear

    First Time Grower - Electric Propagator & When To Transplant?

    Hi, I'm a first time grower, and have started my seedlings in an electric propagator. I now have several seedlings about 3" tall. They all have their first set of leaves (cotyledons??). The propagator is in my window sill, as it's only source of light. I now have a grow tent with heat...
  3. Nirvana Shop

    Nirvana Shop 420 Discount + More Special Offers!

    Howdy, folks! You haven't heard from us in a while - we've been really busy planning lots of cool stuff for our customers. First, we would like to offer our fans at 420 Magazine forums an exclusive discount code for 10% off EVERYTHING in the shop! This code will be valid until the end of...
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