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  1. Z

    New Guy

    New here, I'm a mechanical engineering student and I have embarked on my first growing experience. I'd like to both share what I am learning as well as receive some criticism from the pros here. My thread is below feel free to take a look and give your 0.02! My First Grow!
  2. O

    First timer needs help

    I've started my first grow and I'm hoping to get some tips from some pros. Any and all advice is appreciated :D
  3. J

    Seeds - Regular vs Feminized vs Autoflower

    Simple question... probably not a simple answer though. What are the pros and cons of each?
  4. S

    Question about trichome maturation

    Heya everyone, I'm close to harvest on one of my plants and I'd like some advice from the pros. Do you think she's ready?
  5. J

    Irish & Webby design hydroponics

    Hi Im currently building a Irish/Webby grow..I am curious as if anyone else has done this with success? I am not sure if i should use ebb/flow or drip/mist pro's and cons of both of the systems. This is only a prototype experiment.
  6. E

    Can I mix Monterey garden insect spray with my foliar nutrient?

    Thinking I could take care of both at the same time. Pros or cons? Thank you!
  7. S

    Smart Pots/Fabric Pots - Pros? Cons?

    Hi Guys, Wanted to share my experience using smart pots and see if people have had similar experiences. Mine are mostly negative. Cons. 1. Transplanting is a bitch. If you underestimate the size you need your in trouble. I tried to go from a 5 gal to 7 a few weeks before flowering...