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  1. L

    This is my first forum - Please be gentle

    I have read a lot of online forums related to growing marijuana and I have to say this seems to be the one that has the most complete and accurate information and support! I'm a pretty experienced grower but with that said, everyone environment is different and what works for some will not work...
  2. L

    Blumat systems passive watering

    Hi people! i've been looking into these blumat auto watering systems and i can not find any hard data about them. since i'm increasing my tent size and therefore my plant number substantialy (i grow SoG) i think they will save me alot of time every day watering my babies. so if anyone...
  3. I

    1st Indoor Grow - 8 Malawi Gold Autos - Coco - 1000 Watt MH/HPS

    Hey guys, first indoor grow and first journal. Grow is already in progress, i will provide early grow info in the next few posts. Malawi Gold Auto Fem/White Widow Fem/ Blueberry Reg Currently in Veg Stage Indoor Grow 4X8 Tent 1000 Watt MH/HPS non air cooled + 4X4 Scrog (WW + BB) Coco/Perlite...
  4. Tris420


    Hey 420 Friends ! So I got a friend who knows a guy ... and this guy is looking for someone who can provide him 80-100 cuttings every 2 month .. Of course he wants to pay for it ... So now Im wondering since i dont have a clue about keeping a MotherPlant and taking cuttings of it ... How many...