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    1st Grow - Limbs Seem Too Long - To Prune Or Not To Prune?

    Sure could use some expert advice.. The title says it all. I have a 6wk old plant, hydro DWC, PH (5.2 - 6.2), water temp at 72F, EC at (600-1200), seeds from Amsterdam (SensiSeed), Skunk; also have a fountain sprayer in the reservoir and two fish bubblers; LED 1.5meter long, ~1 foot higher than...
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    Guptilla & Clementine Kush BX #1 - Pruning & Topping Etc

    First and foremost, I am neither a first time grower nor an experienced one. I have grown several times throughout my life, but its been years. I have done my research and attempted to refresh my knowledge regarding the subject in great detail. However, I am trying to obtain additional...
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    Should I top my trees?

    I don't usually prune my plants because I feel as if the leaves soak in the light which is food for the plant so the more the better right? plus my buddy has been talking about him topping his plants which I don't do to mine either, any educated opinions about this?
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