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  1. NorCal0324

    My pig ate my cannabis plant: Can it survive?

    Yes... you read that right. My lovely pot belly pig snuck in and ate an entire cannabis plant I was about to switch to flowering. There are a few nodes left, one small leaf, and some tiny sprouting leaves at the nodes. Is it worth even trying to see if it can rebound? And yes, I've already...
  2. D

    Greek Kalamata Sativa indoors

    First attempt.Around 14 weeks old standing at nearly 5ft.Different soil, watering,indirect sunlight.Had their first nutritions and pruning end of August(first photo).
  3. E

    Did I just fim or top my plant?

    Strain: Blue Dream Hybrid 6 Plants Veg Stage 3 weeks after clone transplant. Indoor Soil. Royal Gold. 25 gallon. T5 CFL (6 54-watt bulbs). Fans running. 80 degrees. No pests. Watering every 2 days. Mr. B'S Greens Trees for growth weekly. My intention was to FIM my plant but I'm wondering, did...
  4. C

    Pruning Techniques

    What is the pruning technique called when one cuts the top off a flowering bud? I am not talking about fimming or topping. I couldn't find it in the forum. Thanks.
  5. T

    Apricot tree pruning

    I just moved to a place with an old apricot tree. It was pink with thousands of blossoms but not 1 piece of fruit. My father tells me that his father hacked their apricot tree almost every year and it was loaded with fruit. So is heavy pruning the answer?
  6. Justones

    Cages or supports ever used?

    Is it common place to use any cages (like tomato) or supports on some of the braches/limbs? If it's hit the beginning of flowering isn't pruning a bad thing now? So maybe support what looks weak before it buds?
  7. KnottyDread

    Day 39 of flower - Stop pruning or continue to?

    Wats up yall....I'm currently growing GG4 and BLUEBERRY clones...they are 39 days if flower and are looking pretty nice....I was told to stop trimming and pruning my plants and let them do their thing and to just cut the top colas come harvest and leave the bottom for a week or two...any...
  8. T

    Need help with pruning

    I have a 3&1/2× 4&1/2 foot closet that i am growing in. They were started as clones and i have two blue ryno and one blue Lemon Thai. They are in happy frog soil amd are doing awsome. They are in 7 gallon grow bags I super cropped them and they have responded awsome. Now my problem is that...
  9. J

    Is this rust?

    I have this in a few random spots on maybe 6 leaves (out of 12 plants). Should I be pruning these yellowish spots off this one plant? [/url]
  10. D

    First Grow - Scrog & Trimming Advice

    So this is my first grow, got a 600w hps over my 3 babys, aurora indica, god bud, and bubblelicious. i have them in 5 gallon pots in happy farm soil, 12 hr light cycles, light is 23inches (58cm) away from the canopy, 3 months and 10 days old (13 weeks) they have been in flowering for almost 2...
  11. cbgb

    Proper pruning after topping

    highway man x tang regular seed.....60 day veg, flipped to 12/12 on 02/25/16 confirmed female on 03/05/16 ! topped once and a little lst to open it up but it is getting crowded at the top shoots. is there any specific pruning i should be doing other than spreading them out with lst.../ thanks...
  12. K

    What To Trim From Jack Herer Week #3 Flower?

    Really, my only questions are how should I be trimming this little girl back please? First time grower. Thanks very much all for your advice.
  13. D

    Femaleseeds Iced Grapefruit - 600W - DWC - 1 Week Flowering

    this is my second bubbler grow. advanced hydroponic nutes. ph~6. temp 25c. humidity 40-50%. trying to keep it low. i didnt do enough pruning during veg. so now wondering should i cut them anymore in flowering?.
  14. G


    How far along should I keep pruning the full grown leaves on my outdoor potted plants? I'm getting really close to I've pruned a half a dozen times this year and last week I told myself no more pruning but these leaves are huge and really dark green. Also, how late should I wait to put the...
  15. D

    Should I prune my plants?

    My plants are about 2 weeks into flowering. Not too sure if I need to prune some of the leaves off or not. Any help would be very upreciated. They are both also 100% outdoor, and I'm only using seasol as a nutrient.
  16. T

    1st Time Hydro Grow Question

    Hey Guys- First time hydro grower here. I got a space that's about 46"x33" large and am planning to have 2 plants growing under a 600W light source (I can have the option to do 3 but think the space is better suited for two). Now, I have never done an indoor grow and have had the majority of...
  17. WizHigh

    Pruning and Topping Question?

    I want to start pruning and topping my 2 week veg plant but dont know where to start. I want to pull clones from this plant so Im not sure if I should wait until I start cutting for clones. Im following the FloraNova schedule and it says turn to 12/12 on week 4. I know you shouldnt take clones...
  18. rattlerr

    Lower Branchs as long as the plant

    I have 2 set of branches that are the 2nd Node from the bottom of my plant that are almost as long as the entire plant it self. My lighting is a Sun Blaze 40,000 Lumen T5 HO lighting system and placed 13" above the plant. Should i leave the branches alone? or should i top them about 1/2 way...
  19. dhetep

    Dhetep Fogponic & Hydro Grow

    Currently growing four strains, Afgan, Bubble Gum, Hash Plant, and BlueBerry Using a fogponic system all plants started from seeds. I started this grow February 1st 2010. System Specs 48" X 24" X 6" Unit 2 distribution res 1 main res uses 12 liters of water with gen hydro grow...
  20. G

    Lst & fim?

    Hi guys, If one were to do LST in a DWC tub (bubbler) where the plant basically did a 90 degree angle forcing all shoots to grow upward (mini colas) how could one then determine if the plant was vigorous enough to with stand FIM as well? From what I understand that would basically...
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