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psychoactive effects

  1. BarçaBeachBum

    Cannabis Strains For Focus: Cum Laude By Positronics Seeds

    In this video, I review the Cannabis Strain Cum Laude by Positronics Seeds, Seed Bank in Malaga Spain. A pure Sativa of the finest quality, Cum Laude is the ideal strain for energy, creativity, offering an intense mental high with deep psychoactive effects. It´s ideal as well for...
  2. A


    Hello- Although I have Crohn's Disease I feel the most important thing Cannabis is treating is my mental health. The positive effects to the Crohn's is just a benefit. I find it much easier to ignore a sick body than a sick mind. I have officially been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. What kind...
  3. B

    What's the buzz like?

    Hello and thank you to all who have posted topical recipes here. My question is, how psychoactive is it when used this way? I want to make a recipe for my elderly aunt, and I am wondering how much to use, and whether I need to warn her about any "trippy" reactions. I plan to trial my results...
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