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  1. Ron Strider

    Nearly 500 marijuana Plants Pulled From Patch In Henry County, Iowa

    Nearly 500 marijuana plants were uprooted and removed from a plot of land in Henry County, Iowa. According to a post on the county sheriff's Facebook page, "a concerned citizen" reported the plants. Four photos posted Tuesday, October 3rd showed a marijuana patch and the plants piled up on a...
  2. B

    Black color on fan leaves

    im trying to figure it out what it is before it goes around my whole plant it look like mold so i pulled it off, if any one can please help me out that would be great
  3. D

    Too much water

    I have 2 that got drowned but I pulled them inside.
  4. P

    Should I flush this plant for its nutrient burn?

    My autoflower is 37 days old above soil and it has nutrient burn . should i flush it ? Also i am waiting for the soil to compleatly dry before flushing it. Is this what you are supposed to do ? And will my plant leaves droop after i flush it ? Also i pulled all the dead yellow leaves of my plant...