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  1. H

    Turtle Fur Coat's Count Down To The Flip! 6 Mix SCROG

    :thumb::thumb::thumb: Decided to start a second journal for my other tent of ladies. In here we've got 3 girl scout cookies, 2 blue dream, and 1 yogi diesel. All pushing their way through the net waiting for the HPS. Soil. 600 MH/HPS 4x4 tent 6" inline in, 6" inline pulling air out of...
  2. S

    Grow Journal 2016 - First Timer Going Big Or Going Home!

    Hello everyone! This is my first time growing and am currently in the process of building my room.Here is the details of the room. Size - 20x20x17 Grow area space - 17x19 Intake fans - one 16" pulling air from 2 12" ducting. Outage fans - 2x 12" fans pulling through 2 40" charcoal...
  3. lightbrite


    AHHH I just spend like an hour trying to upload my pics and now I am so so frustrated i am shutting the computer off. I have to figure out how to change extension on pic maybe I will wait till my next grow to journal it. MAN AM I PISSED Gonna go and dig into some of my medicine to calm me...
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