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  1. W

    DWC recirculating concern

    Sine my plants have become too big for me to deal with the 1 gallon buckets I've switched to recirculating DWC 5 gallons buckets for easier maintenance. I drilled my holes ( 3/4 bulkheads for 3/4 inch hose) about 4 1/2 inches up on the buckets which gives a minimum 2 gallon working capacity...
  2. B

    4x8 600w RDWC tent

    back in the days of overgrow,, i built a 250w scrog cabinet and had great results with it,, but always wanted to "go bigger"... welp,, long story short,, the cabinet was stolen from storage and i did the apartment life for awhile.. now im back with this monstrosity :thumb: equipment used...
  3. GimmieGreenie

    under 5feet, can i still grow anything

    i been racking my brain to figure out a system to grow extra low. i thinking a homemade aeroponic tray with out/going pump. pumping in&out a standing reservoir container (e.g brand new grabage bucket) anyways, im still looking for good ideas :nomo:
  4. Stealthy1

    Eco 396

    Hey guys thought Id chime in about this pump. Now normally I use Via Aqua pumps in my pond and fountain setups I had a couple that I had removed from service and tried to use them in my prototype hydro system will ill effects. Problem is they dont have enough pressure for sprayers. Of...
  5. G

    How to FEED Hydro Bucket System?

    Hello everybody... I'm new over here but i've never seen such a good forum. I bought a 4 bucket of 2 gallon hydro system from FHD company. But in the moment i'm feeding only one plant. The problem is: - How long should i leave the pump ON? - How often do i have to turn it ON/OFF...
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