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    Best air pump

    was wondering what option you guys would think would be best and most quiet? I plan on having 8 50gal totes and want to pump around 250-400 gph into each res with 4 stones in each res while keeping noise and electric consumption to a minimum my question: should i get 8 4-outlet pumps (254...
  2. C

    Nector for the Gods

    I've been using some of this product lately. I use a feed system with a rez and pumps. The bone meal seems be really make a mess of my res, pumps, and feeder lines. It will turn to a cement like material and is almost impossible to get off the res walls. Anyone else have this problem and any...
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    Need help with drip system!

    4x8 tent with 4x8 tray My drip system so far is, 55 Gal.tank 1/2HP sub. pump (to) 6 ft garden hose (to) 20PSI pressure reg. (to) in-line filter (to) 8ft of drip system hose with 27 1/4" one to two foot long drip line's At this point just 1/4" hoses to plants with no emitters 1)...
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