pure power plant

  1. CannaLady

    Grow Journal #2: Soil, 4x4 Tent, 450W LED

    Strains: Gelato (1), Zkittlez (1), Godfather OG (2), and Pure Power Plant (1) - all feminized from Weedseeds Seed germination method: Seeds placed in cup of distilled water for 24 hours and then moved to coco pellets - Gelato seeded in 1 day due to not putting deep in the soil, GF OG took 2...
  2. Skullman420

    Growing With The Devil - Perpetual Grow

    Welcome to hell dear friends. Here we shall grow the smoke of hell and we shall smoke the fruits of doom. Hell is btw located close to the north pole and that's where the Devil lives. The devil likes to grow cannabis, so welcome to "Growing cannabis with the Devil - Perpetual grow 2017" In this...
  3. Skullman420

    Completed The DeVille Presents - A Mars-Hydro Powerhouse - The Perpetual Grow

    INTRODUCTION Most of the equipment you see in this journal was given me as a prize from Mars-Hydro for winning the third Mars-Hydro cup in the category "Best grow journal" This applies to: 4 Mars Pro II epistar 80 4 grow bar 24 LED-120 1 grow tent 120x120x200cm 1 pair of LED grow light glasses...
  4. Klaatu

    Tall sativa with large indica leaves?

    Yeah, I can't upload a pic right now but, I was wondering if that's normal for the Pure Power Plant strain or other sativa dominant hybrids?
  5. Obi Wan

    Completed Obi's Pure Power Plant - Back To My Roots

    What strain is it? Nirvana's Pure Power Plant Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Hybrid What percentages? @ 70/30 Sativa/Indica Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? About one week Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Hydro What is in your mix? 80/20 Perlite/Vermiculite...
  6. G

    Abandoned 900 Watt LED - DWC - Scrog - 4x2x4 - Medical Grow

    View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery Hey everyone this is my first post on the site but have been surfing the site for some time now. I have some previous knowledge with hydroponics but this is my first grow. Here is a rundown of the setup i have going. -5...
  7. flipflopbob

    Abandoned FlipflopBoB's 4 Strain DWC Grow 2012

    Hi 420 magazine growers, 1st diary here, so I'm hoping to make it a good one, I grow dwc and decided this time to make some modded tubs so that I had some sturdier lids to work with, with these ordered today i'm itching to get started, so a few details to get out of the way here, I'll be...
  8. ilikebike

    Nirvana's PPP Grow: Strain Review

    Ok well i purchased 5 feminized seeds from Nirvana Seed Bank in September 2011. 2/5 seeds germinated. Since then i have cloned the plant twice, harvested once, and coming up on my next harvest. Nirvana's PPP Overall: A Grow Details Medium: Lowes Potting Soil Nutrients: 10-10-10 Shultz Liquid...
  9. ilikebike

    Completed Ilikebike's Pure Power Plant Soil Grow!

    What strain is it? PPP (Pure Power Plant) - a strong F1 hybrid, was developed in the late 90s from a South African Sativa and a fat Indica from the USA. Pure Power Plant's tremendous growth potential is a prime example of hybrid vigour. This variety is the latest trend among Dutch commercial...
  10. MMRC Grower

    Got a plant issue that no one seems to be able to answer. Please help!

    This is my first time growing hydroponics and its not going too well. These plants react fast to even any small change in hydro. Anyway, I've search the web like crazy and I can not find anything at all to help solve my issue. I read on one site that my issue could be from heat, but my...
  11. S

    PPP Deformity (possible stretching?)

    A friend of mine is growing some Pure Power Plants from nivarna (two to be precise). They are around a month old and are not looking at all healthy. He is growing them under a blue LED panel (he has a red but does not think it will do any good for the vegetation, so does not use it..thoughts on...
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