1. Jmills

    QW iso wax help!

    Hi ive made a few batches of qw iso wax recently and always let it evaporate for a day without purging in a double boiler. Im just wondering if this is why its coming out not tasting so good? I thought maybe its because i used trim usually but even when ive used bud it still didnt come out so...
  2. E

    The different colored compounds in extract

    Here is a vid I put together on my ipad. It demonstrates what colors are all lurking inside the extract that we love to dab. Did you know alpha pinene, normally clear, gets water white? It does. Assuming each color present in a chromatography seperation is a unique component, it is clear the...
  3. Dr.Valentin

    Purging Cannabis Oil (Homemade Hand-Pump)

    First You will need to know how to make BHO and after you're done , you will whip it and then put it in a parchement paper and put it in the oven at 170F degrees so it will be in a molten state the next step will be to purge it in a vacuum chamber that you can build with a mityvac brake...