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  1. Michal and pichal at watering time

    Michal and pichal at watering time

  2. purp bagseed (2).jpg

    purp bagseed (2).jpg

    purp bagseed 2
  3. purp bagseed.jpg

    purp bagseed.jpg

    purp bagseed
  4. cbdstealth

    Cbdstealth, CBD Crit Mass Clone x2, The Purp? Mendo? x1, Small Grow, Mar 2017

    2 x Feminized CBD Critical Mass cuttings from my other grow 1 x The Purp seed (believed to be Mendocino Purple) Just before switching my CBD Critical Mass (see journal) over to flower I decided to do some defoliating because the grow box was getting quite crowded. When I did the defoliating I...
  5. R

    Which Is The Best Granddaddy Purple?

    High all! :) As there are so many Granddaddy Purple genetics out there I just wanted to see if there was one clear winner that sits head and shoulders above the rest. Obviously I can't include EVERY version of Granddaddy Purple but this will hopefully cover the most common versions but if...
  6. M

    MzSiroz Bubblelicious Redemption Grow - Autos - Soil - CFL

    Guess Who's Back!!! :35: Yes, it's me again, MzSiroz. As some of you may know I totally screwed up my first grow. However, I have not given up at trying to produce quality medicine for husband and good smoke for myself. Strains: 1 Cream of the Crop Narco Purp autos, 2 Nirvana Blue Mystic Autos...
  7. S

    I posted this on r/trees over a week ago and it blew up, curious to see the reaction!

    I've always thought about the vibrant colors of different strains and how they might look on clothing. Here's a mockup of a pocket tee I might make based on the colors found in a Granddaddy Purple nug. Thoughts?
  8. captainhowdy

    CaptainHowdy's First Grow BC Purp

    HELLO EVERYONE! The awesome community here at 420 magazine has inspired me to start my grow journal . This is my first ever grow, consisting of one plant I currently have it under these conditions... I am using an organic Canadian sphagnum pete moss potting soil with perlite, forest compost...
  9. T

    Tommygreens Hydro Ebb n Gro - White Rhino - Purps & Headband 2013

    Hello Friends, I'm kinda new here and have been lookin around at all the journals and have to say that i think this site is great. Everyone here has the knowlage and people here are nice enough to offer advice anyhow here is my set up. I'm currently running eight ladys in flower i have...
  10. B

    Purple Gold Kush

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