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  1. Wheresjerry

    Purple kush auto

    Getting there!
  2. most purple.JPG

    most purple.JPG

    34 days into bloom
  3. Emilya Green

    Purple Kush, Regular/Photo - DynoMyco We Want You - Side-By-Side Comparative Grow

    Greetings Everyone! I presently have 14 plants growing out of 24 plants that I can have in the two stages of Veg, so that means I can plant 10 seeds and still be legal. I have dug deep into my archives and pulled out Purple Kush. This primarily is a side by side test of similar plants in...
  4. Vegan4life

    Vegan4life's Organic Soil 100% Indica Grow - 2022

    Hello Fellow Growers! Welcome to my first Journal! Here are the stats: Strains - Barney's Farm, Ayahuasca Purple @Weed Seeds Express Purple Kush Both strains 100% Indica Four plants from seed currently in Veg All four plants went into final pot on May 1, 2022 Plants are...
  5. Lovely Light

    Lovely Light

    For the photographers - 1/4sec, f11, ISO1600, white balance manually set to 3600k.
  6. 2896-1280p.jpg


    ready to smoke
  7. 2869-4x4.jpg


    recently harvested - purple kush
  8. N

    Look at this picture, I’m fairly new here but is this good or bad?

    I have 3 purple kush seeds germinating and I came to check on them and I noticed this happening. Is this okay ? I haven’t seen this before.
  9. grow boy420

    Purple Kush, Colloidal Silver 21 days of spray

    Started spraying my home made CS on this PK girl February 27 2021 and as of March 25 the full on ballz just popped ..i will continue spraying him/her until the first sign of pollen sacs start to split..then i will know the pollen will be viable.. for cross breeding a dark angel s4 and a couple...
  10. grow boy420

    Dark Angel Hybrid hda347f3 seed germination

    i have created a variant strain of dark angel from ********seeds Dark Angel variety with Northern Lights. The seeds that have been produced are full term but are light in colour..almost white with black stripes..i call these seeds hda347f3..hybridized dark angel from plant parents 3, 4, and...
  11. grow boy420

    Purple Kush 5/5 seeds germinated

    successfully germinated and got seedligs transplanted to small pots from solo cups..one seedling got singed badly by CFL ..but is recovering. It is however a few weeks behind. Some pictures. PK3 (Groot as I call her) is the smallest one on top of a reversed pot to get her closer to lights..she...
  12. grow boy420

    New Grow Right After Pollenating Seed Crop

    purple kush babies..cropking seeds 100 percent on 5 seeds..i have never had any issues with their seeds ..except some blueberry that failed because i got the soil constituents wrong..my bad..im on S5's with my dark angels that i plan to use as my base for a new strain hybrid.
  13. N

    Asking for advice on Purple Kush DWC

    Hi looking for advice from anyone who has grown Purple Kush feminized photoperiod by hydro DWC I am going to try my first photoperiod grow and I am using seeds from crop kingI here they are a little bit touchy and need certain conditions to thrive Any one who has grown Purple Kush by DWC...
  14. Kodiak420

    2020 Outdoor Organic Grow Central Canada

    Good Day, I wanted to track my grow this year, and possibly get some suggestions. Strains from Crop King - Purple Kush, feminized, Photo x 3 These were started on April 9th . April 10th they were planted in soil. Their final home will be in 45 gallon fabric pots. Starting in June - NYC...
  15. N

    Natedogg's Grow! Gelato & Purple Kush, Monster Cropped Clone Taffie x GG#4, Will Be Flowering Under Mars Hydro TSW3000 In 5x5

    This will be my first grow journal and my second indoor grow. I have grown outdoors for many years but I have learned a great deal over the last year. I read about growing constantly. I do not consider myself an expert but I have attained a good amount of knowledge. My first grow was 2...
  16. Bubbaman

    2nd time growing. Just want to know what others think of it

    2nd grow ever. Just want to see what others think of it. It’s 5 weeks into flower. Purple kush strain
  17. Bubbaman

    2nd time grow: looking for some feedback

    2nd time growing just looking for some feed back on how she’s looking. It’s 5 weeks into flowering right now. The strain is purple kush
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