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  1. N

    Asking for advice on Purple Kush DWC

    Hi looking for advice from anyone who has grown Purple Kush feminized photoperiod by hydro DWC I am going to try my first photoperiod grow and I am using seeds from crop kingI here they are a little bit touchy and need certain conditions to thrive Any one who has grown Purple Kush by DWC...
  2. Kodiak420

    2020 Outdoor Organic Grow Central Canada

    Good Day, I wanted to track my grow this year, and possibly get some suggestions. Strains from Crop King - Purple Kush, feminized, Photo x 3 These were started on April 9th . April 10th they were planted in soil. Their final home will be in 45 gallon fabric pots. Starting in June - NYC...
  3. N

    Natedogg's Grow! Gelato & Purple Kush, Monster Cropped Clone Taffie x GG#4, Will Be Flowering Under Mars Hydro TSW3000 In 5x5

    This will be my first grow journal and my second indoor grow. I have grown outdoors for many years but I have learned a great deal over the last year. I read about growing constantly. I do not consider myself an expert but I have attained a good amount of knowledge. My first grow was 2...
  4. Bubbaman

    2nd time growing. Just want to know what others think of it

    2nd grow ever. Just want to see what others think of it. It’s 5 weeks into flower. Purple kush strain
  5. Bubbaman

    2nd time grow: looking for some feedback

    2nd time growing just looking for some feed back on how she’s looking. It’s 5 weeks into flowering right now. The strain is purple kush
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    Purple Kush
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    Purple Kush
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  20. CanadaBlue

    CanadaBlue's First Grow And Show LED FFOF

    Hello all, this is actually my second grow ever but my first was about a decade ago and wasn't very noteworthy. I've had to re-learn and refresh most of what I learned last time and since I feel I'm much better prepared I consider this my first real grow. White Widow x1 Purple Kush x2 M39xGDP...
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