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purple monkey balls

  1. IMG_20190619_185059.jpg


    This PMB has gotten way better with a cure.
  2. DSC_0021 (3).JPG

    DSC_0021 (3).JPG

    PMB BX - cola
  3. A1B3EF5A-1002-4E4D-9498-5A0222A6CDAB.jpeg


    More bud porn of pmb
  4. AFB39C2B-E9CD-4B7B-B073-B2E5FEAB895D.jpeg


    Loving the purple colours that have came on late . Pmb ✊
  5. 8201E312-91D3-417A-BE2F-B9D14193D495.jpeg


    Pmb shots I can’t wait to test these two plants yummy yummy beautiful plants
  6. C410E5CF-EBA3-4314-8ADC-BB985C4C32AA.jpeg


    Pmb under fusion board in 3x3 76.8 watts Thansk to bobrown again not bad for a 45 day veg .
  7. DF0C4BAC-E677-43EE-8E12-5D3988CA97A2.jpeg


    Purple monkey balls top cola shot in the good 4x4 tent under mars hydro reflector 144
  8. F2211E16-A103-4F4B-916E-45EB467EE10E.jpeg


    Purple monkey ball shot thanks again bobrown14 crazy aroma crazy frost dense decent buds oh my joe
  9. 87EC645F-3873-41D8-BEA1-1E40BDA8849A.jpeg


    Purple monkey balls top cola shot -getting frothy in this beach
  10. FCC7615A-151B-4E8F-B564-CD987FFC5FA5.jpeg


    Purple monkey balls really stinking and frosting what an aroma off her .mutant background
  11. E6C2A0C7-7C0B-45ED-A8EB-2F952259ED18.jpeg


    Keeper mother purple monkey balls in bigger tent see what happens
  12. A5FC3419-033B-41FB-A601-CC739A50A498.jpeg


    Purple monkey balls the runt of two feeding twice a day sunnsey and rise . Backed off on mute strength again
  13. 3313511D-7FAD-4216-97EB-64CE72F6B687.jpeg


    Top shot of a purple monkey balls my keeper my mother my saver this plant is def impressing me more and more the fans are reaching towards the light very nicely the top fans are huge prob biggest size fans specially size of pot I am. Let the flower begin ph to 6 coco coir flower 5.8 veg mostly
  14. A10DFDCA-D345-4744-BE4F-28F4B8056638.jpeg


    One of the fans off the pmb @bobrown14 huge and nine points on the top fans lol nice buddy
  15. 8DEA82B9-98D3-46EE-B170-E4E2958E289E.jpeg


    Mutant family line purple monkey balls regs now confirmed female day one flower nine days to confirm sex signs
  16. 3D8ED081-D6BC-41C0-BFA5-082F5ECB2AE1.jpeg


    Other purple monkey balls runt one would say
  17. 693EE2B0-8FF5-41D6-B610-FF168226D32B.jpeg


    Purple monkey ball shot
  18. 2C0D0ED5-71D7-4343-9F9E-321E5ACB28BE.jpeg


    @bobrown14 here are some root shots before first transplant into 1 gal fabric pot coco.
  19. 61CFE3BA-3C56-4FA2-B9A5-3F1727B555ED.jpeg


    And my veg tent Biggest girl far back right -cherry bomb 25 from seed . Rough start but bounce back . Beside cherry bomb is purple monkey balls day 3 veg I’m calling it . Beside that is newest Dutch delight and dr incredible bulk . Day 3 since put in cup . Slow start but I got this . Up front...
  20. 28D02AFD-5550-4CB0-A1BB-7122E1BD491E.jpeg


    My newest purple monkey balls regs
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