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purple urkle

  1. The Noob

    The Noob's 1st Coco Grow

    Hello everyone this is my 6th grow but first time using coco coir. Hoping to see some good results with this medium. Pot size: using small pots for the start but final container will be 5 gallons. Medium: Coco coir and Perlite 60/40. Lights: 1 450w Led (205) true and 1 300w Led (130) true...
  2. 20180325_211608.jpg


    Sick purple urkle?
  3. B

    purple urkle

    Hey I was just wondering if anybody has pics on purple urkle from start to finish. This is my first time growing this strain and I want to know when they explode in flower and what problems to avoid. What did you use and when did the pigments really start to show. Anything to use to help the...
  4. Growing247

    Purple Urkle and GDP same strain?

    Hello my fellow smokers. I have a question for you. Has anyone else noticed how similar the Grand daddy and Norcal Purple Urkle look? I am growing both and they are too similar to be of different heritage. Leaf shape is very similar. The green grape coloring of the leaves are almost...
  5. C

    First Timer with Urkel

    hello!! well i picked up a new hobby ever sense i saw my friends grow set up.. so i started practicing growing tomatoes from seed and they grew fast and big! ..so i ask for a Urkel clone from a friend if i did some IT work for him.. i got the urkel in a red beer cup with some MG in it i...
  6. X

    The Frugal Growmet cherry poppin grow

    Hello fellow friends of raising Mary Jane. This is my first shot at growing indoors. Background: I started last year by planting a seed I found in a bag outside in my vegetable garden. She grew like a monster. After she hit 3 feet tall I bent the stock so it grew sideways and every branch...
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