purple widow

  1. O

    Abandoned Southern Hemisphere - Outdoor - Blue Dream - Mango - Purple Widow - Auto

    So - I've wanted to start a grow journal a long time ago. Well not a long time ago. But when I've started to grow cannabis. I've got so many thoughs to pin down, but I guess I'm lazy and I forget me thoughts until I remember them again. Something like that. I am not a cannabis user. Where I...
  2. H

    Completed Haloplanters LED & HPS Grow - Purple Widow - Auto Choc/Skunk - Auto Afghan Mass

    Hey guys its been a while since i posted on here, but after losing seeds in the battle due to me not knowing what i was doing. i have great success now and great simple understanding on this plant process Heres my setup soil: coco coir(soaked with super thrive & sea kelp) 2 parts, coco loco 1...
  3. BluntMonkey

    Abandoned Indoor Purple Widow - Bay Dream & Berry Bomb Grow - Pictures

    Greetings, BluntMonkey here swinging through to share & document my next grow. Ordered these from Herbie's Headshop, got the seeds within a week and they came with free Hawaiin Skunk Haze, Cotton Candy, and White Widow seeds. My Partner and I (who will join us on here shortly) plan on...
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