purple wreck

  1. FreeMind

    PurpleWreck OGKush TrainWreck BlueDream WonderWoman CheeseCandy Cocoa Hempy CocoaTube

    Hello all and :welcome: :Namaste: Today on FreeMind's channel, we have a New Strain Selection for this Vertical SCROG, run#2. Currently, the bloom room is occupied for at least 7 more weeks, so this will be a veg/clone show in the beginning. My other journal details the bloom room for...
  2. o2much4me

    Which strain would you breed with a female Sensi Star ?

    YOU HAVE A SAY ! Your comments will decide ! Out of the following strains which would you breed with a Female Paradise Seed's Sensi Star ? Link--> The Chosen female is a Sensi Star strain -Bud Pic Link--> Sensi Star on day 50 grown by Be Irie -pic (Sensi Star...
  3. R

    First Grow - CFL, Bubble DWC, Purple Wreck

    Hi all, Followed Roseman over here. I read his tutorial several times and decided to jump in and try my hand at growing. This is my first grow. The strain I choose is Purple Wreck. I built my own DWC bubleponics set up following Roseman's tutorial. I set up a closet. I started 6 seeds. All 6...
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